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Just an update on my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium because I had posted other videos of the frontosa when they were much younger. There are 4 Burundi frontosa, 2 females and 2 males, 1 female Kigoma frontosa, a breeding pair of angelfish, and a breeding pair of kribensis. Everyone gets along for the most part and the tank has been up and running for at least 6 years. I recently removed a male Burundi frontosa to promote breeding and reduce aggression and plan to remove another one soon. Also recently switched to black gravel from white sand, added some new rock and wood decorations, and switched back to a Fluval 305 canister filter. Eheim doesn't get it done in this tank, just doesn't move enough water. Tank now has LED lighting with blue moon glow for night time. Switched from ocean background to solid blue. The fish seem to be much more active and willing to go higher in the tank now that the light is less intense. Also changed their diet from mainly algae wafers to mainly fish and shrimp.

picture of fish tank with black gravel | New 55 gallon setup Changed out blue gravel for black gravel and added ...

If you have a saltwater aquarium and you would like to minimize the amount of maintenance you have to perform in order to optimize your bacteria populations and suppress algae growth, CaribSea Arag-Alive Hawaiian Black Aquarium Gravel is the perfect solution for you. It features specially selected marine bacteria that have been engineered to suppress "New Tank Syndrome" and compress ammonia cycles. It also helps maintain a proper pH of 8.2 without the constant addition of chemicals for the life of the aquarium making this aquarium sand safe for all invertebrates. Use this aquarium sand to discourage the growth of nuisance algae by creating and supporting biological balance to your saltwater aquarium. This aquarium gravel also aids in the growth of corals and never needs replacement making maintaining your "showstopper" of an aquarium even easier. Why use ARAG-Alive? Just pour this "real" gravel into your aquarium and you are all ready to go! Ideal sand for:Berlin Systems Plenum Systems Nitrate Reduction Beds Sumps & Refugiums Fish Tanks Reef Tanks Birogenic and Clastic Grain Compostion: Biogenic Aragonite and other marine carbonates greater than 99%. Comprised of aragonite coated grains, ooids, Halieda Incrassada, Halimeda Favulosa, Goniolithon SSP, Lithothamniom SSP, Cerithidae SSP (Gastropod Mollusk), Benthic Foraminifera SSP, Homotrema Rubrum Pelecypoda (Bivalve Mollusk), Echinoderm Fragments. Aragonite Elemental Assay:Calcium (Ca)-381,000 ppm Carbonate (CO3)-590,000 ppm Strontium (SR)-7,390 ppm Magnesium (MG)-1,050 ppm Molybdenum (MO)-56 ppm Potassium (K)-56 ppm As well as Barium (BA), Manganese (MN), Iron (FE), Sulfur (S) and other essential trace elements.

CaribSea Arag-Alive Hawaiian Black Aquarium Gravel

picture of fish tank with black gravel | New 55 gallon setup Changed out blue gravel for black gravel and added ... I bought a 10gal aquarium about 6 months ago I had bought 4 glow fish and 2 neon tetra and the black light for the glow fish. The glow fish would hide under the filters and then after about 1 week they started dying I tested the water with the test strips and it was fine I went to petsmart with a water sample they said it was fine and replaced the fish about a week later it happened again so I got different fish 2 none tetra 2 red lid tetra and then petsmart sold be a bunch of chemicals for the tank I have done complete water changes bought new gravel and my fish keep dying please help

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How to easily remove gravel from an aquarium. Stupid simple trick that I figured I might as well share with you all on Friday. Fired up to be a year into doing what I have wanted to do for a living since I think I was about 14 years old. THANK YOU everyone who has supported me with this little adventure, it has been a great year and I am thrilled about the future. So yeah- the white pool filter sand wasn't really cutting it for me with the tv tank. The sand is both too easy to be moved by goldfish and I don't like the way that dark goldfish poop looks over white. Black gravel it is, I also will be using a larger grade of gravel then the sand so the plants will be less disturbed when the goldfish inevitably pick at them.
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