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This is also designed for use in aquariums of less than 3 gallons, but there are sizes available for larger aquariums. The Tetra Whisper In-Tank 3i filter utilizes a convenient 3 stage filtration system to eliminate dirt and chemicals from the water. It comes with small Whisper Bio-Bag cartridges that allow for efficient biological filtration. It mounts inside the fish tank and uses air bubbles to move water through the tube, into the filtration chambers and back into the tank. Mounting clamps allow this filter to adjust easily to changing water levels.

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Fish are known to have a tranquil, calming effect on their owners, but not when their tanks are full of filth. Chewy carries everything you need to keep your aquarium clean and healthy for your finned friend. Water quality determines the health and growth of all your aquarium’s inhabitants. The status of your fish tank water is not just an aesthetic concern, but is a fundamental part of managing your fish’s health and wellness. Routine water changes used to be a basic aspect of aquarium maintenance. Luckily, aquarium filtration systems reduce time spent deep cleaning fish tanks. A fish tank water filter cleans the water of debris, removes the toxic buildup of ammonia and nitrates, and aerates the water so your pretty fishy can breathe. A filter for fish tank cleaning means you don’t have to remove your fish from their habitat every time you need to clean their home. Removing fish from their tank can be traumatizing. Reduce time spent cleaning, and ensure a healthy environment for your finned friend with an aquarium filter. Chewy carries the best aquarium filter products from brands like Penn-Plax, Aqueon and Marineland. The Penn-Plax Cascade Aquarium Canister Filter is an external filter that accommodates a wide range of aquarium filtration needs. Each pump comes with a large filter tray, startup filter media and input/output tubing so you can begin filtering right away. It is suited for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. Reduce the sound your fish filter makes with the Aqueon QuietFlow Fresh & Saltwater Aquarium Filter. It rids your fish tank of debris, toxins, odors, ammonia and nitrates, but it’s submersed pump is virtually silent. Whether you need a small aquarium filter or a large filter for your fish tank, Chewy has everything you need to keep your fish tank clean and clear.

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I agree. Anyone who has kept a fishtank with sponge filter or that ugly "corner filter" will understand the concept :) @Mars Firstly gold and koi fish are among the dirtiest of all fish through all types (cold, tropical, brackish, black, marine). They like most bottom feeders or "clean up" crews actually produce the most amount of waste. But this could of been caused by alot of other factors as well. Firstly how much are you feeding? Personally the 2 minute rule is b.s. You should feed very little 2-4 times per day. Remember fish don't have breakfast lunch and dinner, they are opportunistic and eat throughout the whole day. Secondly how much light are you allowing? Remember that if it's near windows sun light must be added into account for algae and bacterial blooms. Thirdly how long did you cycle? Most people believe fish can be added right away, even if they bought the so called "beneficial bacteria" water supplement. This is also untrue. You can't just add something expect a healthy colony like magic, it must cycle. Lastly the biggest downfall of most aquariums is the hobbyists. Lack of patience, over cleaning, introducing chemicals through various means. Just a few tips, always use hot water no soap to rinse up to elbows before sticking hands in. Ditch the carbon as when it absorbs all it can will leech it back into water and is essentially USELESS for aquariums other than for medication removal. Go with a sponge or foam pad in course medium fine layout. This will trap larger debris before reaching the fine floss that will hold much more benefical. Remember your filter holds the most beneficial bacteria in your tank and when you remove cartridges you remove your colony. Just rinse the sponges or foam in tank water you pull out during water changes to unclog. These only need changes every 1-3 years. Also never gravel vac entire tank do 1/2 of it every water change. And live plants can harm a tank if you don't have proper co2 exchange stay away from plants unless your read up and prepared to. Airstones don't do what people think, the bubbles do not add oxygen, the surface disturbance does. It releases co2 and allows oxygen to be basically ducked back in. Switch to gentle powerheads or an extra filter for the added surface distubance. But account for your lights, motors of all equipment, including bubbler pushing ambient air into your tank. Which in your case should be cold for fish meaning quite a bit lower than degrees. Most larger koi/goldfish tanks have chillers on them which even bring them down to just above freezing. The added heat could be stressful on your fish.

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I recently started a new 10 gallon tank that came with a Tetra Whisper 10i and am ridiculously disappointed. I have two young koi fish that are relatively clean, but just in a day or two the tank was cloudy. I don't recommend that filter system at all. I just ordered the filter system I have on my other tanks and will be throwing that monstrosity out as soon as I get it.

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