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Although an airstone is a wise investment, make sure the aeration in your fish tank is gentle and not strong and overpowering. Remember, in , they live in fairly stagnant water. They don’t spend their lives “living an upstream battle” every day and expending their energy fighting off a current of air bubbles. Position your , driftwood, rocks and other decorations in the direct flow of the pump as to redirect and weaken the current. This will protect your Betta without sacrificing any of the filtration system’s efficiency.

10pcs Cylinder Blue Bubble Air Stones 14. 5mm x 25mm for Aquarium Fish Tank

Airstones become plugged over time and this video shows how I clean them so they work like new again. I rinse the mild bleach solution very thoroughly to make sure it is safe to put back into the fish tank. I make sure to use non-toxic silicone safe for aquariums and let it dry for a few days.

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5pcs Blue Aquarium Fish Tank Ponds Air Stones Mini Round Air Bubble Creator Diffusers
Airstones make a very noticeable difference in every aquarium. Beyond adding visual interest by releasing cascading streams of bubbles that can cause beautiful tricks of light and water, airstones also serve a very important purpose in maintaining the overall health of your aquarium environment. Releasing oxygen into the water via bubbles helps aerate your aquarium water, providing more life-giving oxygen for your fish and plants. In addition, the disturbance caused by the bubbles, however mild, plays an important role in helping the water circulate and avoid becoming stagnant. Airstones are easy to use and require virtually no effort to put to use in your aquarium tank.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium Airstone store features top quality products from the most trusted names in aquarium care and equipment, including Via Aqua, Hagen Marina, Penn Plax, Lee's, Marineland, and more. The provides a fun twist on traditional airstones by combining it with a slow changing led color light show! These airstones use low voltage LED lamps that are self-weighted for simple installation. These LED lights will help add a new dimension to your tank and illuminate your water! Slow Color Changing LED Lights and Airstone are perfect for brilliant color viewing and comes with a transformer, two suction cup brackets and a wire suction cup. The (formerly Hagen Elite Aqua Fizzz) is a durable air stone that diffuses water in every direction. Airstones are small enough to fit common box filters and undergravel riser stems. Accelerates oxygen replenishment and helps release carbon dioxide build-up. The creates a dazzling underwater scene, increases surface agitation, accelerates oxygen replenishment and helps release carbon dioxide build-up.

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Hey everyone i was just wondering if i should use an air stone in my 30 gal. Tank. I just put sand in and its very cloudy. Should i turn my airstone off to prevent stiring of the sand? There are no fish yet just really cloudy milky water. Any help would be so helpful. P.s. i did wash the sand but never got the water clear.

Petco 2 Inch Bubbling Airstone.