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Air pumps introduce oxygen into our tropical fish tanks through airline tubing and airstones. This increased oxygen in the form of air bubbles release carbon dioxide from the aquarium water. The increased oxygen benefits all aspects of your home aquarium. Live plants, beneficial bacteria, and your tropical fish will thrive with high oxygen levels in their water.

Aquarium Air Pump is very helpful for any fish tank setup. it is easily buy form amazon …..

Also remember not to put the air pump directly on the top of yourfish tank, or to put it on a shelf that hangs off the fish tank, asthis will transfer these vibrations into the fish tank (in addition tomaking them louder in the room), and this can be very irritating toyour fish.

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Aquarium Air Pump is very helpful for any fish tank setup. it is easily buy form amazon ….. I use this pump in my 10 gal. GloFish tank. Once I started using it, I could tell my fish were happier. When I turn it on, they go crazy and swim around. I use it with an airstone that has LEDs and it makes the tank look great. It is a little bit loud but it doesn't matter to me, if I shut the door of my stand, I can't hear it. Overall a great, cheap pump and worth it.

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Many times people add an (powered by the air pump) to their aquarium simply to provide a beautiful flow of tiny bubbles. There are all different shapes and sizes of air stones, as well as ornaments that function with an air pump. (Remember the old opening and closing treasure chest in the Dr.'s office fish tank?) Some Air Stones and ornaments also include LED lighting for dramatic effects.

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That depends on what you mean. If you have a that is run by an air pump, then theair pump is necessary, as without it the filter will not operate andyou are not going to be gaining benefit from having that filter onyour fish tank. offers consumers quiet yet powerful air pumps to support aeration in fish tanks ranging from 15 to 300 gallons. These pumps vary from pressure to vacuum power and are compatible with both freshwater and saltwater tanks. Accessories to the Rena air pumps include replacement filters, diffusers, valve blocks, and diaphragms. These pumps range in size, with weights between 9 oz to 2.3 lbs.One of the most , possibly second only to , is that you need an air pump and to provide sufficientoxygenation to that tank to keep the fish healthy, and that the airpump provides oxygen to the water. In fact, the air pump is notnecessary to keeping fish, except as noted above. An air pump will notdirectly put oxygen into the water, what it will do is two things:The Marina 200 Fish Tank Aquarium Air Pump can be used in aquariums roughly 35 to 60 gallons size. The Marina air pump performs efficiently and quietly, and provides air for increasing water movement and turbulence. This high power air pump is designed for rich oxygenated water and can also operate air stones, air curtains, and air-actuated ornaments. This fish tank air pump features two outlets and soft rubber feet for vibration suppression.