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The album contains thirteen tracks, most of which have been singles, in non-chronological order. There are three songs each from the first two solo albums, (1990) and (1991); "Just Good Friends" from appears in its 1995 re-recorded version featuring . The other two solo albums – (1994) and (1997) - are represented by two songs each. The 1993 studio album with cover versions, , is not represented. Also not included are the singles "" (1990) and "" (1997), which had only been released in Germany and the UK, respectively. Instead, two songs that were planned as singles but never released, are included – "Lucky" (1991) and "Goldfish and Clowns" (1997). All tracks appear in their original album versions, except for "Goldfish and Clowns" and "Lady Let It Lie", of which the single edits are used. Additionally, the album contains two new tracks. Both are products of Fish's participation in a songwriters retreat organised by at his castle Marouatte in France (incidentally the same place where had recorded ) in the spring of 1998. "Mr. Buttons" was co-written with and Andy Gardiner; "Chasing Miss Pretty", a pure pop song, with and American guitarist Dave Bassett. (Another three songs from these sessions would end up on the forthcoming album . "Chasing Miss Pretty" was planned as a single, but never materialised.

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The only Fish album to be released by EMI (see below), it was also his most commercially successful. In February 1990, the album peaked at number 5 in the , with the singles reaching no. 32 ("State of Mind", October 1989), no. 25 ("Big Wedge", January 1990) and no. 30 ("Gentleman's Excuse Me", March 1990) on the .

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In July, Fish competed in the  against Croatia, losing to  in five sets. The album's working title was , inspired by the famous catchphrase "Tonight [host name], I'm going to be...", used on the celebrity impersonation TV programme . The title was changed to ("beaucoup" being for "much"), on the basis that the tongue-in-cheek title would be incomprehensible to listeners outside of the . The current title comes from a sampled voice used in "Jumbo", of an American from the Southern United States using the regional pronunciation, "bookoo fish."

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gave the album 8/10 saying that "Beaucoup Fish is a pure, seamless flow, pinned together with trance-techno beats that hark back to classic Detroit house and early Underworld singles like 'Cowgirl' and 'Spikee'" and also adding that "There are rare moments when even the longest albums feel like they should go on forever: this, emphatically, is one of them".

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