Little Giant Stainless Steel Submersible Water Feature Pump.

Does the county give guidelines as to the required pump’s size?
If not, grab a $25 pump and some tubing. Sit the pump on the bottom, and you have a few options. Make it as a fountain and let it spray up. Or attach a cute spitter and have it spray into the pond. Or make a little waterfall area by covering a small area with plastic, top with stones and situate the tubing so that the water returns to the pool. Even if it’s just a teeny falls, the goldfish will love it! They’ll swim under it, get pushed down, circle around a go again. It’s like a fish roller coaster!
An added bonus to any of the options is that you will be adding the sound of water.

External Drive fish pond pumps offer lots of water flow and must be installed outside the water.

Calpump's stainless steel and bronze pond pumps are very reliable. Typically used in Koi or goldfish ponds to power filters and waterfalls, they can also be used with mid-size to large fountain nozzles. The S580, S900 and S1200 gph models have a 3/4" MPT intake and a 1/2" MPT outlet that easily accommodates 3/4" flexible tubing. All of these models must have either a screen or foam pre-filter attached to the intake. We highly recommend using the MAN foam filters. These pumps can easily be connected to biological filters, ultraviolet sterilizers, ultraviolet clarifiers and in pond filters.

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Efficient pond pumps provide water movement, which is essential to maintaining a healthy pond environment for fish and aquatic plants.
If you are a backyard pond professional, you are aware of how important your pump is to the total operation. If you are just building a pond for the first time, you'll realize quickly that its a key part of the total package. Getting the right pump for your pond is essential. And dont go with a cheap pump, your fish could be in jeopardy. Essentially, pond pumps are used to help properly circulate water through your filter and pond. They keep your fish, healthy, happy and along with the food you feed them, give them the greatest potential for a long life. A Pond pump is a critical component of a healthy pond and should be used every day, around the clock.

Pet Mountain has an extensive inventory of pond pumps to choose from. Our Pond selection includes a wide array of Pond Pumps from top pond manufacturers including Pondmaster Pumps and Tetra Pond Pumps. Pond pumps come in all types of different sizes to accommodate ponds and water gardens. Want to give your pond a unique design? Try adding a fountain or waterfall pump. Pond Filter Pumps ensure your pond will generate the correct amount of flow to ensure proper water quality and clarity within your pond. Whether you're looking to set up a peaceful, tranquil or a beautiful, glistening , we've got the perfect pump to get you up and running.

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Keeping pond water circulating throughout winter can help prevent the water from standing still and freezing. If you have fish, turtles or other aquatic life in your pond, the pump may need to run all winter to help keep the water warm enough for them. The gas buildup under the ice can become toxic, according to an article on The Master Gardeners website. Keeping the water from turning to ice also can help prevent damage to the pond from the expanding ice.

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