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Pond Boss pond and garden pumps are suitable for high flow, low head height, low pressure, and solids handling capability with fewer clogs. Each features a UV light clarifier to help clean water of algae-producing bacteria to improve water clarity and create a healthier environment for both fish and plants. The pumps provide a high flow rate per watt for energy-efficient continuous operation, and are safe for fish and plants. Use with filtration systems, water courses, and waterfalls.

There are several types of fish pond pumps in the market place to suit your wants and needs.

Does the county give guidelines as to the required pump’s size?
If not, grab a $25 pump and some tubing. Sit the pump on the bottom, and you have a few options. Make it as a fountain and let it spray up. Or attach a cute spitter and have it spray into the pond. Or make a little waterfall area by covering a small area with plastic, top with stones and situate the tubing so that the water returns to the pool. Even if it’s just a teeny falls, the goldfish will love it! They’ll swim under it, get pushed down, circle around a go again. It’s like a fish roller coaster!
An added bonus to any of the options is that you will be adding the sound of water.

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External Drive fish pond pumps offer lots of water flow and must be installed outside the water. Dear Sir, Thank you so much for your article on ponds without pumps. I will be taking your advice this spring when I (rebuild) my starter pond from last year. I just want plants – no fish, maybe a frog or two, a place for birds to take a bath. Now I know its okay to have less than clear water and plants without pots and dirt. Wish me luck.

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So good to read your post Robert! I created a large pond about 6 or so years ago and have been using pumps but the work they entail is too much! I’ve got a fair amount of plants and plenty fish and frogs too now. The look is green and friends all tell me I need to drain it and clean it but I’m with you – you don’t see nature emptying and cleaning natural ponds! Thanks again, great post!

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