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"We're selling a lot of expensive setups to people who've never kept fish before," said Bruce Sergy, president of Aquarium Stock, a Los Angeles pet store.

Pet stores or your exotics veterinarian who works with fish can test water for you.

And if you want to start at the shallow end of aquarium fish ownership, Petco’s fish store has a host of colorful inverts – including crabs, shrimp, snails and more – that are a great option for any pet parent looking to make a small splash.

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Best Fish pet stores near Astoria, Queens, NY - Yelp Fish are often treated as mere merchandise. Each year, millions of them are purchased as decorative ornaments or “starter pets” for young children. Few people realize just how much fish suffer before they reach pet stores or know how to care for them properly once they get them home.

Best Fish pet stores in Brooklyn, NY - Yelp

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"It got to the point where they were eating better than we were," said Barbara, an orthodontic assistant. So, on a recent Saturday, the couple was looking for something tamer, such as sea slugs, at Global Aquarium & Pets in Pomona, one of the largest of Southern California's thriving tropical fish stores. "We got in a cycle of one would eat the other," Barbara explained as she and her husband shopped for yet another 100-gallon-plus aquarium.Manufacturers and pet store owners credit such sentiments for the recent surge of popularity for tropical fish, which have floated in and out of fashion for decades. (The use of glass-sided tanks to keep fish and aquatic plants at home began in Britain in the middle of the 19th Century, while the Romans are thought to have kept pet marine fish in pools.)Tropical fish and the aquariums and other equipment needed to display them made up nearly a third of last year's $1.7 billion in nationwide pet store sales, and business is bubbly this year, especially in Southern California. Nationwide, pet store sales of live fish rose from $119 million in 1985 to $136 million last year, and are expected to rise further this year, according to estimates by Duluth, Minn.-based Pet Supplies Marketing magazine. The nation's three largest aquarium makers all report that sales are up 25% to 40% from last year.Before I knew any better, I used to beg my parents to buy me “pet” fish from pet stores. We’d bring them home and dump them into a probably-not-big-enough tank—and for some reason, we found joy in watching them swim in pitiful, endless circles.

Back then, it didn’t occur to me that there was anything wrong with condemning a tropical animal, who would swim freely in nature with no boundaries, to life in a 10-gallon glass prison. As it turns out, there is SO much wrong with it.