Iron Fish Table Lamp Love the painted shade!

This Deep Sea Angler Fish lamp is with objects and energy efficient lighting. Made with an assortment of thing like a bicycle, scoop shovel, knives, and much more, this sculpture is part of a lager sculpture entitled Deep Sea “Creatures of the Deep” that Justin Ladoux entered in the 2010 ArtPrize contest.

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Since the creation of the first lamp in 1984, the fish has become a recurrent motif in Gehry's work, as much for its "good design" as its iconographical and natural attributes. Its quicksilver appeal informs the undulating, curvilinear forms of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain (1997); the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago (2004); and the Marqués de Riscal Vineyard Hotel in Elciego, Spain (2006) as well as the Fish Sculpture at Vila Olímpica in Barcelona (1989–92) and Standing Glass Fish for the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (1986).

Just a nice looking fish lava lamp, i just wish it wasent soo loud

Driftwood Fishing Table Lamp With Burlap Shade by Halsdriftwood, $75.00 If you're looking for a particularly creepy, albeit unique, addition to your home then take a look at this remarkable junkyard lantern fish lamp.

Judith Edwards 1793 Tropical Fish Table Lamp

I recently returned from another trip to Iceland, where I bought a second fish lamp at the same store, to hang above our I.T. desk in Palo Alto. That’s where I will sit when I am working in that office.

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Umpteen TV lamps were made with fish as the subject, and the theme was a great opportunity for designers to be creative with their renderings of waves and various aquatic creatures.It's made from recycled materials like forks, knives, bike parts, and shovels, and it looks like it wants to eat you or at least chomp down on your leg and drag you to the bottom of the ocean. Imagine getting out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. You turn on the terrifying five foot tall fish lamp and you scream and pee your pants ever single time. [ via ] Looking for a perfect gift for a keen angler, or perhaps an accent piece to complete your marine-style décor? A fish table lamp can be the right choice in both cases. Below you will find a collection of lamps that incorporate the fish theme in a variety of ways, from colorful and funny to sophisticated and elegant. TIFFANY STUDIOS FISH LAMP. An extremely rare and important Tiffany Favrile and bronze fish lamp. A pumpkin base supports the shade, which is decorated with five fish in heavily mottled glass. The eyes of each fish are constructed of a striated/confetti type glass to give them a realistic appearance. The gills and tails have a network of filigree overlay to distinguish each fish as a separate subject against the blue to green rippled glass background that represents the water. The fish appear to be swimming in a bed of seaweed, which is represented by many shades of green and amber. The organic formed pumpkin shaped base has five arms and a single conversion socket that illuminates the shade perfectly. Keeping with the organic form, the bottom of the base is gracefully contoured to be reminiscent of lily pads. Adding to the magnificence of this wonderful piece is the stunning, allover green-brown patina on both shade and base. Shade is signed Tiffany Studios New York with a small early tag. Base is signed “Tiffany Studios New York 290”. SIZE: Shade is 16″ dia. Overall height is 17-1/2″. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. 5-71715 (150,000-200,000)