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This 4K fish tank video is also available as a screensaver, which self loops after 3 minutes. We have both Windows and Mac versions. You can choose an Ultra HD 4k fish tank screensaver, or a Full HD version. Please note: not all computers and TVs are able to play 4K videos and screensavers. If you are unsure please clcik here to download our free samples.

This video shows a brief overview on how to set up a tropical fish tank with keeping plants in it too.

In this video you will see various fish in fish tanks in petsmart. The fish in this fish video are all freshwater community fish. I will advise that it would not be a good idea to mix some of these fish in your aquarium at home like they have in these tanks, for example do not mix a goldfish with angelfish, due to the fact that goldfish are a dirty fish, and angelfish require cleaner water. The reason petsmart can get away with this is because their filtration system in these fish aquariums are amazing, and filter much more water than the average home aquarium will.

Test video fish tank in 4K - Aquarium in 4K - YouTube

The guest who recorded the video said the fish tank broke while several people were eating dinner nearby. Have you ever wanted to get good at fishkeeping, vj hide feed content. Well look no further than this instructional video on How To Get Fish For A Coldwater Fish Tank. Follow Videojug's professionals as they direct you through this guide.

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New video of my Discus fish tank.

Since the last video I have added quite a few more discus. Might seem overstocked however they are all happily together and my filtration is more than adequate.

The following fauna exists:
8 x Assorted Discus
9 x Harlequin Rasboras
8 x Corydora Sterbai
1 x L333 Cat fish
5x Kuhli Loaches

Filtration consists of:
1x 1000lph Canister Filter
1x K1 Fluid Bed Filter

I feed them all Tetra Color Bits and Freeze Dried Black Worms

Temperature is at a constant 28.3 degrees Celsius
30% water change every second day.

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3x3 46" 7.3mm bezel video wall total 138" showing 3D fish tank.

Two hours and thirty-eight minutes of non repetitive, sequential clips of a planted aquarium.

In the tank are endlers, angelfish, amano shrimp and tetras. There are also a few handfuls of snails in different colors.

This is a 30 gallon low-tech planted tank. I grew everything in it using a layered substrate of a sprinkle of crushed oyster shells, organic soil and sterilized play sand. I have one 24" fluorescent tube and two day-light CFL bulbs. On the back there is a moss wall, creating darkness and depth. The tall and spindley plants at the back are called rotala indica, and the plant on the far left is an anubias which grows out of the water and tank. In the foreground is hair grass and dwarf hair grass. This video was shortly after planting the grass, and it grew in really quickly. There is also a chunk of Malaysian driftwood in the center which is planted with java ferns and moss.

I have to trim this planted tank about once every 2 weeks when the rotala indica and hornwort take over as they are the fastest growing of all the plants in here. The fish population is stable and the endlers have live babies which the angelfish will sometimes eat. The amano shrimp and snails take care of cleaning the substrate and glass.Please Visit For Aquarium and fish information as well as information on breeding fish.
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Here are some products that I love and use. If your looking to set up a tank come view this equipment.

Fluval FX6 Filter:
Fluval FX4 Filter:
Finnex Titanium Heater:
Northfin Fish Food Krill:
Prime Water Conditioner:
Hydor Powerhead:
Digital Thermometer:
Current USA LED Light:
Floramax Substrate:
Floramax Light:
Fluval CO2 System:
Aquaclear 50:
Industrial Air Pump:
Help keep your cat occupied with this video of fish swimming around.