Bestfish choice for 15 gallon tall tank

Also, I have a divided 15 gallon fish tank. Would I be able to put tank mates in this as well? It's only divided in half, so I would like tank mates for each side! (Might make this into planted tank as well with sand, currently have a Tetra iWhisper filter, going to be a sponge filter soon!)

I would opt for something else only because I'd want to keep more than 6 fish in a 15 gallon tank.

recently replaced a 10 gallon that had housed 2 goldfish for 15 years. got another 10 gallon, a marineland, but am having issues getting the goldfish to live so I decided to go tropical. read what type are good fish for a 10. with my older tank the hood broke so I decided to go with a penguin filter that would clean a 75 gallon. with the live plants, near a window and the waste producing goldfish this was fine and kept it very clean. I don't think the small penguin will keep the tank clean. I don't mind changing but how do you get a hood with lights that will accommodate this change. I do like the led nights that this hood has. read through your threads and have gotten excellent info.

Aggressive fish for a 15 gallon tank?

Well, I went to Petco today to look at fish and saw a 15 gallon tank kit for $50 bucks Ahhhhh - it was lovely. Everything immediately mellowed out and everyone has lived in peace and harmony ever since! The personalities have come out - they watch tv...they watch my cats and dogs and they eat out of my hands. Also they have all grown substantially - Merrill and Punch are a good 8 and 7 inches now - a year and a half after I got my new tank. I added two more 1.5 - 2 inch BPs last summer and had no agression problems at all. The small guys, Swishy and Little Finn grew fast too and are now 4 and 5 inches. They all live in complete harmony with four blue congos, two giant danios, a couple cories, one syno. valentine catfish and one other catfish (about 4 inches - not sure what kind he is). I would never consider putting two BPs in a 20 gallon tank again. Although of course I didn't know at the time, I was being cruel keeping them in 20 gallons. So bottom line, please do your fish - and yourself - a favor and stick with at least a 40 gallon tank for two BPs or if you want more than that...add 10 gallons for each additional BP or for every ten inches of dither fish. I truly wish you the best of luck. You came to the right place.

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If you want a more traditional looking 15 gallon fish tank, then this is the one for you. The SeaClear features a traditional, low profile look and hexagonal shape with 360 degree view for the fish and yourself. It’s a tranquil design that shows of your fish and the decorations inside the tank with some real gusto.

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Since common goldfish are often kept in small, relatively unadorned freshwater tanks, it's natural for many beginning aquarium enthusiasts to try out so-called "fancy" goldfish, a special breed of carp, in their first big tanks. This is usually a mistake. A 15-gallon tank represents your decision to make a significant investment in your aquarium, and fancy goldfish usually aren't a good match. They have special dietary and requirements, they don't easily accommodate other fish, and they can get sick and die quickly, leaving you with an empty tank.This 15 gallon tall aquarium does weigh a pretty hefty 27.7 pounds compared to many of the other smaller tanks out there and measures 13.6 inches by 13.6 inches by 24.8 inches all the way around. The included fluorescent light hood is a full spectrum T5 light for the best lighting capabilities and safety of your fish and to help grow live plants. There’s also a quiet flow power filter and a feeding door at the front of the hood that makes feeding time convenient and quick.