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The first step in treating Fin Rot is addressing the root cause. This involves checking your water quality, observing temperature changes, and observing your fish to see odd behavior and/or fin nipping. Once you have discovered the stressor, remediate it so that Fin Rot will not return when treated. Next, remove any affected fish and place them in a quarantine tank. The reason for doing this is that Fin Rot can be cured with antibiotics, but you never want to introduce such medications directly into your aquaponics system as they will disrupt your bacterial cycles. Finally, purchase and apply off-the-shelf Fin Rot treatments to your infected fish in this separate tank. Monitor their health and follow the instructions on the label closely. You want to choose a drug that is effective against gram negative organisms. A quick google search should help!

Though your fish are showing signs of fin rot, you can help them recover with quarantine, treatment and regular pond maintenance. Good luck!

The main cause of fin rot is poor water quality. All aquariums contain bacteria that is not usually harmful to your goldfish. However, your goldfish is prone to infection if he has a compromised immune system or lives in high stress conditions. Elevated bacteria caused by infrequent cleaning and insufficient water treatment leaves your goldfish open to infection. If an open wound occurs because of poor handling, sharp aquarium ornaments or from a nippy cohabitant fish, the wound becomes a portal of entry for bacteria. Bacteria grows in the fish's intestines producing a toxic mucus. The toxins are absorbed by the intestines and enter the bloodstream, according to Happy Goldfish. Once in the bloodstream, damage can occur to vital organs.

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Though your fish are showing signs of fin rot, you can help them recover with quarantine, treatment and regular pond maintenance. Good luck! If the fin rot is not severe, meaning there is still more then 1/2 of the fin left, then usually clean water and careful observation will due as treatment. It’s crucial that the betta not be exposed to any toxins while healing from the disease. New fin growth is very fragile and it’s not uncommon to have several relapses after healing begins. You may also notice the fins grow back slightly curled. While this doesn’t always occur it is normal and in no way hurts the fish.

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Hi I have 2 black moor fish 1 is about 4.5 in the other is just a small baby i also have a or and a that’s 3months and a common in a 55gal the black moor I first got had fin rot 1 day after purchasing then I treated with Pima fix it went away but 3 months later it came back I tried Pima fix no luck so I treated the tank with API fungus cure per my local aquarium and now after doing the2nd treatment ALL of my fish have fin rot the small one almost has no tail what should I do I’m very scared.

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