Best Fish Tank Filters – 2017 Reviews (Top Picks) & Guide

All aquariums require clean water and filters are a great way to maintain clean water free from contaminants and allow the build-up of healthy bacteria that are beneficial to your fish.

If the betta fish aquarium is 2.5 gallons or larger, you should probably provide a filter.

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Materiels used :
-Water bottle (or any bottle that will fit in the power head water pump)
-Power head water pump
-fish filtration medias(pit store)
-Air tubes
-Fish filter pads(like sponge,cotton,can be founded in the fish store)
-Cutter,soldering gun,scisors,dremel or whatever you use to cut and trime
-some suction cups ,you may need it to hold up the tubes coming from the power head water pump to the small (yellow bottle) at the end of the filter.

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Using a filter for your Betta is really the best thing to do for your Betta fish. Aquarium filters are one of the most important components of your aquarium. If you’re not relying on a filter yet, you’re committing a huge blunder, while putting the health of your fishes at risk. But even when you decide to get a fish tank filter for your aquarium, choosing one can be hard, simply because there are literally endless options for different fish tank sizes and use cases. Hopefully, you’ve got a fair amount of idea about various types of fish tank filters and how each of them work, from this guide. I’ve also listed some of my top picks that I’ve found to be really efficient, as well as cost effective. I hope this guide about aquarium filtration systems has been able to get you out of your confused state. Happy fish keeping!

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Because Endlers are fairly small fish that don't care for extreme water movement we had to make sure that the filtration system wasn't too strong for the small fish.

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