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That's sad. I just realized I've been putting bad things into my aquarium for years! I love adding decoration, but I never really thought about how it can affect my fish. I haven't taken care of them for about 2 years now; but the next time I do, I'll definitely keep your tips in mind. Thanks!


It is important to be aware of potentially toxic decorations. Someminerals are water soluble, and though the stone may not be toxic,when it is dissolved in water it may make a toxic substance or itcould reduce the water's ability to carry Oxygen for the fish tobreathe. Also, if the stone is soft enough that it could be chewedor rubbed off by the fish, they could choke on it, or it could blocktheir intestines.

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Paper Lantern Fish DIY Craft Tutorial- Perfect decoration idea for an under the sea party
Without aquarium decorations, your tank is just a bowl with fish in it. Decorations and backgrounds give it life and personality. With all the plants, rocks, and figurines to pick from, you can truly make your aquarium unique. If you are just starting out, you'll want to get a wide selection of unique items for your tank. Driftwood, plants, rocks, aquarium substrate, marbles, fish tank backgrounds and ornaments, Pet Mountain has everything you can think of for your aquarium. Some of the larger, saltwater or reef tanks have entire cities built at the bottom of their tanks! With the larger 100 gallon or bigger tanks, you can even put large rocks and coral in there to give it that ocean floor look.

For the brand new fish enthusiast, you can easily start small and just get a few plants and an ornament or two. Popular ones include the shipwreck and pirate with a pot of gold. Some people like to match the color of rock with the colors of the fish you have. There are all kinds of ideas you can use for your aquarium decorations. Whatever you're dreaming up, Pet Mountain can help you put it together.

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Fish Bowl Snowman Craft for a Christmas decoration! Adorable

I stumbled on your blog while doing some research in DIY aquarium decorations. I recently adopted the tank at my daughters school. I am trying to find inexpensive ways to create a natural setting for the fish. I really enjoyed your blog post. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on using plaster. I have seen several sources use styrofoam coated in quickcrete cement to create rock formations. I am concerned about the chemicals in the cement leaching into the tank. Would it be safer to seal the styrofoam in a layer of plaster instead? Have you any expierence with either method?
Thanks so much!

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