Do you think I need to use a pump to pump air into the tank?

It is a common practice to keep common goldfish in a small bowl but this allows waste in the water to build up to toxic levels and does not provide enough oxygen. For every small/young goldfish there should ideally be at least 10 to 20 US gallons (38 to 76 l; 8.3 to 16.7 imp gal) of water. A good filter, with no heater, is recommended because these fish can get larger than 12 inches (300 mm). Tank recommendations range up to 75 US gallons (280 l; 62 imp gal). It is possible to keep small goldfish in smaller tanks, but such an arrangement will be very difficult to maintain once the fish grows older. If there is concern about the fish not getting enough oxygen, particularly when it is warm, a water pump, such as a fountain pump, mini pond pump will pull the water from the bottom, expel it, and the surface action will oxygenate the tank or pond. Contrary to popular belief, air pumps and air stones do not oxygenate directly and rely on bubbles breaking the surface to transfer oxygen to the fish's environment. Ideally the water pump should push 10x the volume of the tank or pond plus an extra 100lph or gph. Goldfish will die without sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water. A filter that can do at least 10x filtration is best, which means that for every 10 gallons or litres of water, the filter should be able to cycle 100 gallons or litres per hour. If the oxygen in the water runs out then the fish may die or become unconscious. It is advised to move the fish to a basin of water full of fresh water.

currently i have 10 inches(3-4 litre) bowl with 2 gold fishes & oxygen pump

Goldfish need plenty of oxygen and an aquarium air pump is highly recommended as it helps reduce stress too. As we all know with stress can come sickness and diseases so it is always best to take all necessary steps to keeping goldfish healthy. I mentioned about a goldfish pond in the summer just to explain a little more on this subject. As far as goldfish bowls and aquariums are concerned it is to your best option to go and equip your fish tank with an air pump. The agitation that happens at the surface of the water will add oxygen to your fish tank. This will create a healthier home for your fish and will reduce stress. If people are planning on having good luck taking care of goldfish then I would suggest not to go and try and keep them in a goldfish bowl. It’s just too small and in order to have great luck with fish keeping I would get all the proper equipment needed such as air pump, filter and aquarium gravel. With basically everything in life things need oxygen to live and goldfish are much the same. Also beneficial bacteria in your filter need oxygen to live and reproduce. Air pumps can help in so many ways in keeping an aquarium healthy. I hope this helps give you more of an idea on why people should really have an air pump in their fish tank. Your goldfish will like you for it and you will have better luck with your overall experience in fish keeping. Having an air pump in your goldfish aquarium is absolutely necessary towards optimum fish health.

This can easily be done with a small water pump or an air pump.

can I save my fishes from dying in a fish bowl without any oxygen pump? The filter uses a pump to draw water out of the aquarium and pull it through a system typically composed of mesh, aquarium floss and activated charcoal, although the exact materials vary between types of filters. The filter cleanses the water of pollutants that harm goldfish, including excrement, plant and food detritus, chlorine, nitrates and heavy metals. It encourages beneficial bacteria to consume organic waste by trapping it in the filter medium. Without a filter, these contaminants remain in the water and reduce the amount of oxygen available to your goldfish, making him prone to bacterial and fungal infections. Two basic types of filters are available: in-tank and exterior. Both are suitable for goldfish. In-tank filters that submerge work best for bowls and small tanks that have no room to hang a filter on the exterior. Exterior filters attach to the outside of a tank or inside a cabinet and pull water out of the tank, cycle it through the filtering mediums and return it to the tank.

into the atmosphere and Oxygen can be dissolved into the water.

Do goldfish need an aquarium air pump? Yes and no really. If you want your goldfish to live a long healthy life then go with an air pump. Having an air pump in the aquarium or goldfish bowl helps in so many ways. It creates gas exchange and helps add oxygen to the water. Some people believe that goldfish will live just fine without an air pump and that may be so. For instance if you have an aquarium and have a filter running this helps add oxygen to the water. The water flowing in forces oxygen into the water increasing the oxygen level that fish need.

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