Packing a bowl in my new Fish Bubbler - YouTube

Bubbles? meaning the conditioner?because I do have that or also it could be because new surroundings because when I bought the fish it was in a small fishbowl

Round Fishbowl Ceramic Small Water Jar Planter. This would make a great bubbler fountin

very nice - i will put this page as featured on mine (fish birthday parties) for people giving away fish at party. You have lots of good info - we have a goldfish at work living in bowl with no bubbler or filter. He is doing well. Just gotta care for it right :O) You did good job of discussing it. Rule of thumb - at least one gallon of water per fish. so if in bowl, be sure there is only 1-2 fish - and be sure it matches up 1-2 gallons. Our one fish has 2 gallons to himself. but is happy as can be and over 3 years old (in rehab clinic)

Packing a bowl with RedHead Kush in my new Fish Bubbler.

Ornament Fish Tank Wreck Truck Car Van Air Bubbler Aquarium Bowl Blue New Baby will love discovering the fascinating effects of water with Ocean Wonders™ toys, complete with aquatic sounds, bubbles and swimming fish! This roly-poly Fishbowl will captivate baby with its lights, fun music and bubbly sound effects. Colorful fish bob and swim inside the water-filled walls, and baby can practice put-and-take-play with the 3 cheerful flutterballs! Baby can bat the roly-poly fishbowl or put three character flutterballs inside for wonderful rewards! Dancing lights, aquatic sounds and fun music bring the fishbowl to life, and friendly fish bob and swim inside the water-filled walls.

Vintage Japan Seahorse Coral Aquarium Fish Bowl Ornament Bubbler.

First off, goldfish CAN survive in a bowl like the one you described. I have kept goldfish in bowls on my counter lots of times. Goldfish are different than other fish in many aspects, they don't need a heater, they don't need a filter (although regular water changes and bowl cleaning is a must), and they will live just fine without any bubbles at all if yodon'tnt want them there.

Why are there tiny bubbles on top of the water of my Beta fish bowl?