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The water changer for aquariums makes tank maintenance easy, and is way better than carrying buckets back and forth. Vacuum gravel, or just use it as a siphon, to ensure your tank stays clean and your fish stay healthy.

Insten Battery-Powered Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Siphon Vacuum

s an aquarist, by now you understand how imperative it is to put in a significant amount of effort to keep your aquarium clean. Not only will this help to make your aquarium more aesthetically pleasing, but also it’ll help to ensure that your water friends thrive, survive and keep you amused for many years to come. In order to keep your tank’s water fresh, you’ll need a sufficient fish tank cleaner. For tanks with gravel, a gravel vacuum will be a necessity. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about these items and their importance.

Keep Your Tank Beautiful with Aquarium Cleaning Supplies and Tools

Aquarium Fish Tank Siphon Gravel Manual Cleaner Pump Safe Vacuum Water Change Air Pumps If you have a fish tank and have probably decided that you need a fish tank vacuum to keep your tank clean, you have made a right choice! Vacuuming is a good thing and helps in keeping your fish environment clean, thereby promoting a healthier environment for your fishes. However, before you purchase your fish tank vacuum, there is certain basic maintenance for your aquarium that goes side by side with vacuuming that you need to know first. Your ultimate goal is for your fishes to survive and keep looking healthy.

The emptying end has to be lower than the tank bottom

So, if you happen to notice a whole lot of debris forming at the bottom of your fish tank and in between the gravel, which means that your #1 priority is vacuuming that stuff out and not changing the aquarium’s water, then you should give the EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge Extractor a serious consideration.

8 Gravel Aquarium Vacuum Cleaners Reviewed & Quick Guide

It's important to note that you don't need to completely break down the tank everytime you have to "clean your tank" or perform aquarium maintenance. Most of the time you will just need to perform a partial water change (20 percent or so) with a good gravel vacuuming and maybe scrape a little algae off the front viewing panel. If you have a major algae problem then something is out of whack. You may be feeding too much, your tank may be overstocked, you're not performing frequent enough water changes, you're feeding the wrong types of foods, etc. Or, it could be a combination of the above. If you have a problem with cloudy water, please read the article on and be sure to keep up with your fish tank maintenance!If you liked this video, you will LOVE my book:

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The DIY aquarium vacuum is a fantastic way to keep your aquarium clean. Its cheap and easy to do. Not to mention, effective. This works well on gravel, sand or bare bottom. Basically, any substrate.

There air many things you can build with just using a basic fish tank air pump, this is just one of many.

If you remember, we have also made decorations and filters with them.