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We have comprised a supplies list for a betta fish tank setup. You may find that you need more things than you thought. A person can save some money by buy an “aquarium kit” on amazon that comes with everything together. These fish are tropical fish so they need a heater and a filter and so forth. Let’s get started with what we need.

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Top quality pond equipment essentials like filters, pumps and skimmers are available online and in store, so you can feel confident in the cleanliness of your water. If you live in an area that experiences cool or freezing temperatures, de-icers will become a must-buy as you create your list of pond accessories to purchase and use. Treat water with conditioners, vitamins and medications and other fish pond supplies so your fish and plants can enjoy the chemical balance they need to prosper. With the right fish pond food supplies you’ll be able to feed and maintain a beautiful school of stunning pond fish like goldfish and koi.

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We carry an extensive selection of tropical fish, aquariums and supplies Thinking about installing your first water feature? Maybe you're just looking for that perfect plant or fish to complement your existing pond. We have one of New England's largest selections of aquatic plants, fish and supplies.

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We were in Napier for 2 nights and had Continental Fish Supply's fish and chips both nights! That's how good it is! Fish is $3 a piece and chips are $3 an order. We ordered 2 of each and the portions were huge!! We were...

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This list of equipment and supplies includes a variety of pieces ofgear that you may want, need, or have questions about regarding yournew fish tank. Often, even experienced aquariists will have questionsabout pieces of equipment that they have not used before, or that theyhave little experience with. This aquarium equipment list includescategories of equipment for use in or with a fish tank. Selecting alink will take you to a page within or a section of the with information about that type of orpiece of equipment.Fish aquariums and stuff is idaho’s largest retailer of fish and fish supplies. We specialize in both fresh and saltwater and have a wide variety of soft and hard corals. We have 100+ tanks and thousands of products from dozens of manufacturers.Get yourself a 5 gallon tank for your Betta fish. Even though they are kept in tiny cups doesn’t mean they need that. NO flower vases or fish bowls. I’m not here to argue but instead give you good advice. The aquarium kits are awesome because they are acrylic and come with all the needed supplies usually. One of the most popular kits on the market is the .I have been shopping for aquariums and fish supplies, and this is the BEST place for reasonable prices. The variety is awesome, and checkout is easy. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience!