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Still want a Dory fish? Experts are acting preemptively this time around and recommending a wonderful alternative for fans that want a Dory look-alike fish, but don't want to risk damaging the future of the species. "A 'Baby Dory' fish does exist--it's called a yellow-tail damsel. I've been in the aquarium industry for many years and you would be surprised how often I would hear "Look - a baby Dory!" - from a child pointing at the yellowtail damsel in a tank. It's a fish I've steered parents toward in the past when they've requested a Dory fish, and it's a great alternative. I'm concerned about the impact this increased demand will have on this fish and want to prevent as many unnecessary losses as possible. Not only is the yellow-tail damsel much smaller than the blue tang, which can grow to more than a foot long, but it's also a very hardy fish. The yellow-tail damsel is from the less aggressive Chysiptera genus of damsels which are less aggressive and less territorial than most other damsels. With ablue tang, you're going to need a tank size of no less than 180 gallons, while yellowtail damsels can do well in 30 gallon tanks." -Mark Valderrama, expert With a smaller, easier to care for alternative to the real Dory fish, we can potentially bypass a disaster like we accidentally created when Finding Nemo was released.

Finding Nemo on a Real Fish Tank Laying on a Mushroom Coral - São Paulo - Brazil

Last Sunday, we visited the Catawba Science Center and we had the most wonderful experience in seeing the real fishes that were featured on Finding Nemo. What's also cute is that the Dory fish is swimming closely with the clown fish. The blowfish had to be in a separate tank though.

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Finding Nemo on a Real Fish Tank Playing on a Mushroom Coral - São Paulo - Brazil Here's a quick video of the Finding Nemo aquarium kit sold @ PETCO. I couldn't find any showing the tank, so i decided to put one up, for people to see how big it is, and how it looks when it's setup.

This is my first aquarium, so i know i botched clearing out all the small gravel that floats. The water at the time the video was shot, was settling for the initial 48 hrs before the fish could be put in.

Nowhere in the box does it say how much the tank holds, but on the PETCO website, it says 4 gallons. That's pretty good for the $30 it cost. Other $30 tanks they sell, only hold 1-1.5 gallons.

This kit comes with the filter (The lid is setup so you can put a mountable filter, if you want to add it), Nemo statue and 1 plant. The other tall plants inside the tank, were bought separately. I really wish it came with a light. That's the only negative for me. It's a bit hard to see due to the reflection, but the tank also includes a devil ray background (It's pretty nice). I bought the blue gravel to match the background and i really like how it all came together.

The purple thing on the corner is a feeder.

Product page:

REAL FINDING DORY Aquarium - YouTube

The fish tank shows the real fish along with animated Finding Nemo characters on a journey to find Nemo once again. The ride is fun and is never a long wait.

Join us as we journey into a massive fish store