Mexican officials find aquariums and more in prison - CBS News

Max Size: 7”
Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallons
Difficulty: High
Although not as delicate now as they were even when “Finding Nemo” was first released, Moorish Idols are still difficult to maintain for long. It is difficult to keep these fish healthy through collection and it can be tricky to get them to eat in home aquariums. It is best to stick with hardier lookalikes like the Longfin Bannerfish (Heniochus sp.) for new or novice aquarists.

In an exclusive Parents survey, we checked out the 60-plus aquariums around the country to find the ones that offer the most for families.

Check out this amazing video by our friends at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Find out how your choice of what to eat for dinner can help protect the future of ocean animals.

Feb 15, 2016 - Mexican officials find aquariums and more in prison

Use our Find a Zoo or Aquarium feature to find an accredited facility near you. Meanwhile, on my home island of Hawaii we are fighting for the very life of our coral reefs. While fish are treated like cut flowers to beautify ones home, then thrown away when dead (or flushed while still alive), only to be easily replaced with another visit to the aquarium store. 99 percent of fish captured for aquariums die within one year. Yellow Tangs can live over 41 years on a coral reef (it has been established) while if you read many aquarium blogs you will find endless comments of yellow tangs dying in the first couple of days or weeks, or on and on. Tropical fish living on coral reefs around the world serve an important purpose and without them the reefs themselves will die. Our oceans are under attack from many sources and ending tropical fish collecting for aquariums is one important way that we all can help. And if you must have a saltwater aquarium please purchase only captive bred fish.

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The best method for repairing a crack is to use two pieces of glass that are a little longer than the crack, placed so they overlap both ends of the crack or as close to the edges of the aquarium as you can get. You can often get away with one piece on the inside if you find it difficult to use a piece on the outside bottom. Sometimes the bottom trim is such that the aquarium would end up sitting on the band-aid glass. The result would be a completely broken bottom!

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So what should people do if they're thinking about starting an aquarium? The most important thing, says Rhyne, is for them to educate themselves. Taking the time to find captive-bred animals, like clownfish, is a good way to start.Max Size: Depends on species
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons for small species
Difficulty: High
Octopus are very specialized and difficult to care for and need a specially built aquarium to keep them from escaping like Hank so often does in “Finding Dory”. They will also eat almost any tankmates they are kept with. Only expert aquarists should attempt an octopus.Last month, I traveled to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to talk to Andrew Stanton and the filmmakers of Pixar’s upcoming Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory. On my visit, I got to preview 30 minutes of the upcoming film and chat with many of the filmmakers at Pixar who are creating Dory’s next adventure. But not only that, I got to learn how Pixar took multiple research trips to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which served as inspiration for the Marine Life Institute seen in the final film.Cheap fish tanks can be easy to find if you know where to look. I haven't paid retail for any of the aquariums in my greenhouse - I'll tell you how.


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Part of the trick to not breaking your bank in the aquarium hobby is knowing where to find cheap tanks. There is almost always someone who is trying to get out of the hobby, which is where you will find the best deals. I got my tanks from being good buddies with a guy who worked at the local pet shop (shocker i know). Get on Craigslist and be creative, find a deal and take it! Tank on!

Welcome to Dustin's Fish Tanks YouTube Channel. My channel is made for FISH TANK PEOPLE! I try to focus on planted aquariums, how to grow aquarium plants, dirt as the planted tank substrate and low light aquarium plants. Planted tanks shouldn't be difficult. My goal is to make the planted aquarium hobby easy...Planted Tanks Made Easy! Dustin's Fish Tanks. TANK ON!

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