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Since betta fish can survive in many different types of environments, people think it's a good idea to keep them in decorative bowls or vases. In reality, bettas need plenty of space and filtered water in order to thrive. When you set up your tank, keep the health and happiness of your betta in mind. Don't forget the golden rule for bettas: never house two males in the same tank, or they'll fight to the death.

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First, I want to tell you how impressed I am with your website! Thank you so much for providing such a rich resource to betta enthusiasts! I am concerned about my betta fish, Nino. I have had him for three months and he has been a great companion in my study, where I spend most of my time. He was in a 5 gallon aquarium, with no filter and no heater, and was really thriving. As winter is approaching, I wanted to provide him with a heater and a filter to circulate water. Considering how active he was — swimming back and forth through his tank most of the day — I decided to switch him to a 10 gallon tank. I was as careful as possible in the transition — I “seeded” the gravel from his old tank to his new environment + I mixed the new water with the water from his old tank and made sure it was the same .Since Nino moved to his new aquarium, he has been increasingly less active, and this morning, he remains still at the surface of the water most of the time. He still eats. I should specify that the temperature in his aquarium has been pretty steady at 74-76 F since I got him. I have put the heater and filter in place, but I have not started them yet (I thought I should first give Nino a chance to get used to his new tank for a few days). The filter (duetto mini) does contain a very small charcoal cartridge (could that contaminate the water if not in use?). I have been using spring water from the time I got Nino and have been doing weekly water change. I have tested his water yesterday and today (with API Master test kit) and the reading are good : between 0 and .25, : 0; : 5.0. The pH is high — 8.0 — but I have been using the same spring water, and noticed high readings in the past as well.

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The following filters are suitable for Betta fish and will not cause them so much stress: As much as bettas are hardy fish, they need to be kept in adequate water conditions . A filter is the best way of ensuring this. For 20 litres, we recommend a 50% water change every month. Even with regular water changes, it can still be hard to cycle the aquarium. A monthly water and cartridge change, with a filter, will ensure healthy water. For more info see our section on

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Hi Dana,
I have a Marineland Aquarium Kit (kit because it also comes with other perks like filters).
I use it for over 16 months now, my Betta Fish is happy like never before :3

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