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This is a hardy fish and makes a good choice for the beginner. They are undemanding and because of their size can be kept in a smaller aquarium. They are hardy eaters and will readily accept a wide variety of foods. They are normally marketed as community fish, but take caution as the males will fight each other. Males should be kept singly or in pairs, but will be fine in a mixed community with other fish that are very peaceful, similar in size and with a less colorful appearance.

Siamese fighting fish usually grow to an overall length of about Template:Convert, though some varieties reach Template:Convert in length

The people of Thailand referred to this variety of fish as Pla Kat, which means a fish that tears and bites. The male Bettas are very territorial and will guard their nests against any and all threats. And it’s very true that Bettas entertained the Thai people because male Bettas fought like roosters. Obviously, it didn’t take long before people kept fish for the “sport” of fighting by placing them in a . Participants would place bets on either fish to win, and the two males, as they were alone in the water, would challenge the other and they would fight until only the winner was left maimed and injured. Although participants would stop the fighting before one of them died in the tank, the wounds were usually very severe and the losing Betta would die soon after.

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Feb 19, 2013 - The Siamese fighting fish, formally known as betta fish, are a small freshwater species that is available in a wide range of flamboyant varieties. All sorts of Siamese Fighting Fish varieties have been developed in each of the 5 basic fin types. See the to learn all about these different types, as well as other Betta species that you may encounter.

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In Western countries Plakat (pronounced pla-COT) Bettas are a short-finned variety of . In Thailand, where betta fish originate, all betta fish are called Plakat Thai whether they have long or short fins. In the West, we often think of the short-finned Plakat betta to be the original fighting fish selected for its robustness and aggression; paired up in fighting matches as Thai men bet on a winner. In Thailand fighting bettas is serious business. Bettas are not simply plucked from the rice paddies and placed into a fight. There too, they have been selectively bred to be champion fighters. In Thailand, the short-finned fighting betta is called Plakat Morh, while the longed-finned ornamental aquarium fish is called Plakat Cheen, which translates to “Fighting fish from China.” The Plakat Morh are not the same fish from the ponds. They have been bred to be larger and stronger, with short fins that are less susceptible to injury. Their large strong jaws are a keen asset in a fight and their stocky bodies show less of a taper ending in a wide, muscular caudal peduncle used to physically batter their opponent. While the original wild betta have traditionally pale bodies, Plakat Mohr and Plakat Cheen have been bred to illustrate a variety of vibrant color variations.

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