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Many common and otherwise popular tropical fish seem to have developed a bad habit - they get their kicks by chasing, nipping and generally harassing their fellow tankmates. What novice aquarist hasn't experienced - or at least been warned of - putting a few tiger barbs into a happy community tank, only to find their prize angelfish and fancy guppies de-finned a few days later?


Hypnotic Aquatics is a premier provider of genetically superior tank raised Angelfish and Fancy Show Guppies. You can buy Angelfish and Fancy Guppies from our online store or through auctions on Aquabid. However, our focus is on education and preservation of the Tropical Fish Hobby. We are now going to begin providing more information, tools, and materials to help every individual become a better fish keeper. You can help by joining our site and contributing. This could be the beginning of something special.


ANGELFISH-FANCY MIX MD Let’s suppose you are new to tropical fish. You decide that Angelfish or Fancy Guppies are two of the species that really get your attention. So, with great expectations, you head to the local or big box pet store to buy your new fish. It seems like a wonderful idea, and you have the best of intentions when you head out the door. But, what you didn’t know is more often than not, your new fish are hiding some scary secrets. The fish that you purchased were raised on huge tropical fish farms, often on the other side of the world. Crammed by the thousands into ponds where it is difficult, if not impossible to control parasites and disease. When these fish are considered ready for sale, workers net them out of the ponds and dump them into holding tanks where they are overcrowded. The fish remain in these holding tanks, stressed and living in horrible water quality. As a result, their immune systems are weak. Finally, they are placed in bags, boxed, and shipped across the Ocean. It’s a long trip. When they arrive at their destination, they are then left on a tarmac until they clear customs, then, placed on more airplanes and shipped to their final destination. The fact is, your little fish may have been in a crowded bag of dirty water for days before it ever gets to the pet store where you bought it! Most noteworthy of all is who is in charge of caring for these overly stressed fish when they finally make it to the pet store. Think about it, because more often than not you are going to end up flushing both dead fish and your hard earned money down the toilet.

I have two fancy gold fish and 2 veil angelfish

A footage of my new freshwater aquarium with three fancy goldfishes, tetras, guppies and angelfishes.

The three most important aspects of having a clean tank:

1. Frequent water changes.
2. Do not overfeed your fish.
3. Proper lighting.

Have a happy aquarium!

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Over the years, angelfish have taken many faces. Like the fancy guppy, they have jogged the genetic trail: silvers, marbles, gold marbles, leopards, blushers - the list goes on and on. For this reason it is difficult to give you a description.The "come and get me's". I know it's not polite to "blame the victim," but a few fish seem to be just begging to have their pectorals pecked at, their ventrals ventilated. or their tails trimmed. Baby angelfish are classic examples: their long fin and slow movements make them likely targets. Most of the artificially "long-finned" fish, including fancy guppies, bettas, black tetras, and even fancy goldfish have much the same problem. Any of these fish can make excellent community tank specimens - but only if one takes care to avoid adding even remotely aggressive or nippy fish to them.