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A. We hope to inspire kids and people all around the world to learn about the complexity of nature and develop eco­literacy at an early age. When children build and interact with an ecosystem, they quickly understand its dynamics and can adapt their actions accordingly to the bio­feedback that the aquarium ecosystem provides. It also suits self­-directed learners who prefer to engage with their hands, not just learn from a book. Tom had restored wetlands in Australia and Asia, and wanted to bring the technology out of the field and into the home, school and office. It’s a self-cleaning fish tank that has an inbuilt ecosystem, and we believe everyone with an aquarium should have one.

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EcoQube aquarium is a great looking Betta fish tank with a plant on top, that comes in at 1.5 gallons. Althought it’s a great looking kit it is still a little smaller than we like to recommend.

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BLACK Aquatic World I Aquaponics System Home Decor Eco Fish Tank w/ LED Lighting #iEcoFun Alex and Nacho, two friends in Rotterdam, have come up with a mini ecofarm in a little fish aquarium. Based on the principle, the fish in the tank below can help you cultivate the herb garden above by feeding it with their waste.

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This miniature aquaponic ecofarm kit, which they are trying to fund with a Kickstarter campaign, consists of a grow bed, hydro stones, fish tank, a water start set, eco seeds, and a low energy pump. All you need is to get fish that would produce excrement to fertilize the plants growing above them. The compact plastic fish tank is big enough to grow several kinds of herbs and is also suitable for growing mini tomatoes, peppers, or other small fruited plants.

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Small glass aquarium tank design for growing plants combined two gorgeous home decor ideas. Beautiful indoor plants and fish swimming in the water create peaceful atmosphere, add harmony to modern interior decorating and , Chinese Feng Shui home decorating experts believe.Got kids at home? Setting up and maintaining Back to the Roots' AquaFarm is a fun and easy way to teach your kids how the eco system works: waste created by one species becomes another species food. Eco cycle lessons aside, getting your family an AquaFarm fish tank is also a great way to teach kids about responsibility and how to care for another living being.