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Here are seven easy care freshwater aquarium fish for those who decided on a heated tank.

White-Cloud-Mountain-Minnows-Best-freshwater-aquarium-fish-for-beginners-easy-fish-for-fish-tanks-AquaticMag White-Cloud-Mountain-Minnows-Best-freshwater-aquarium-fish-for-beginners-easy-fish-for-fish-tanks-AquaticMag

Guppies are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium species.

These easy schooling fish are far too beautiful to pass on when choosing your schooling freshwater aquarium fish. Even someone who knows nothing about freshwater aquariums will recognize the iconic betta fish. This fish was long known as the Siamese fighting fish, and you can find them crammed into tiny fish bowls all over North America. And it’s easy to see why – this is by far one of the most stunning fish in the hobby.

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It can be intimidating to start a new aquarium, and freshwater aquariums are generally less complicated and easier for beginners to manage. Not all fish are the same, however, and some species are better suited for beginners than others. By choosing the best beginning fish, a new aquarium owner can learn the tricks of keeping fish before moving on to more complicated aquatic residents.Before Choosing FishBefore adding a new fish to the tank, it is important to consider several factors to be sure it has the best possible home.Get Started With Easy Freshwater Fish There are a many different fish that can be perfect for a beginner's aquarium. The most popular species include…Even though all these fish may be easier for beginners to care for, they do have their own quirks and specialized needs. It is important to research different types of fish before choosing which ones to add to the tank, and understanding their different needs will make it easier to keep them happy and healthy.

Find out the 5 low maintenance fish for beginners