If you go with a dwarf hamster, this isn't a problem.

With that said, Syrian hamsters are more likely than their dwarf hamster counterparts to climb on water bottles and other fixtures and strong enough to lift up unsecured lids, so it is recommended that you purchase an aquarium with a slide on lid instead. Keep in mind that aquariums are made from glass which makes them extremely heavy and prone to cracking.

Hamster Cage - DIY aquarium conversion. Russian Campbell's Dwarf Hamster #SophieLittle

Due to the small size of dwarf hamsters, can serve as their cages without issues; however, you should make sure your aquarium is large enough to allow your hamster free movement. Additionally, make sure there are no sources of heat located anywhere near the aquarium. These cages are also perfect for very young Syrian hamsters.

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Hamster Cage - DIY aquarium conversion. Russian Campbell's Dwarf Hamster #SophieLittle Since dwarf hamsters are so small, large tanks and aquariums can serve as their home with minimal issues. They can also be used to temporarily house young Syrian hamsters, but they should be moved out once they grow older. In either case, make sure there is at least 2 cubic feet of space available for them to roam around.

The Best Large Cages & Accessories for Dwarf Hamsters

Make sure to cover your tank/aquarium with mesh to allow for aeration, and that deep layers of bedding are supplied in addition to hamster to keep your pets active and occupied. Since there are no gaps in which a hamster can squeeze through, this is a great dwarf hamster cage.


Opt for a caged enclosure. Plastic enclosures, especially those that are entirely plastic, trap odor. Aquariums, meanwhile, have poor airflow thanks to their glass walls. When your hammie pees in an aquarium, the ammonia builds up because it exits more slowly than from a cage. You can promote better airflow and odor control in aquariums by adding a cage tank topper as a second story. Ultimately, a fully caged enclosure will give you the best airflow and best odor control. If you have a dwarf hamster, make sure he can't squeeze between the bars to make a getaway.Many hamsters, and in particular campbell dwarf hamsters, are prone to cage territorial behavior. A cage territorial hamster may bite hands inside their environment, but may be friendly and easy to handle if they are removed from the cage by being allowed to walk into a scoop or other item instead of a hand coming in and intruding on their space. You will have a better time interacting with this type of hamster personality if you have plenty of room to move in, so cages with small doors or tubes may not be the most ideal situation. An aquarium or bin cage with an open top, or a wide open cage plan with a large door that helps you move freely will help keep your relationship with your hamster from getting rocky.