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Due to the lack of regulation, there is very little information about antibiotics used in aquaculture for the domestic markets of Vietnam ad whether these is any antibiotic residue present. This study attempts to address this issue by providing field research on antibiotic use in freshwater aquaculture as well as a laboratory analysis for antibiotic residue in fish and shrimp destined for Vietnamese domestic markets.

supplies over 45,000 tonnes of freshwater fish every year to meet Odisha's high domestic demand.

The threat to natural fish stocks in Odisha assumes significance as the state is largely dependent on the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. The southern state supplies over 45,000 tonnes of freshwater fish every year to meet Odisha's high domestic demand.

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Study of the Impacts of Some Domestic Pollutants on the Freshwater Fish Similarly, Asia has experienced a long history of stocking with freshwater fish suitable for eating, including various types of and . of into today's popular and completely domesticated and began over 2,000 years ago in Japan and China, respectively. The Chinese brought goldfish indoors during the to enjoy them in large ceramic vessels.

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By assembling a comprehensive dataset for distribution of Chinese freshwater fishes, we quantify how non‐native fish species, from both overseas introductions and domestic translocations, has led to taxonomic homogenization of fish faunas at watershed, basin, ecoregion and country scales. We explore how the observed patterns in homogenization vary geographically, and identify those species most responsible for the faunal changes. Lastly, we simulate how China's fish fauna may continue to homogenize according to different scenarios of anticipated species introductions and extirpations.

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"This handsome volume represents the beginning of an ambitious project. If volume 1 is any indication, it will be a thorough compendium of worthwhile knowledge about all species of domestic freshwater fishes in the US, Canada, and Mexico... When completed, the three-volume set will be the most authoritative work on freshwater fishes in North America."To meet the needs of the increasing population, sustain long-term human welfare, and conserve functioning ecosystems that provide us with the wide variety of goods and services we depend on, consumption of renewable natural resources must stay within the limits of biological capacity over the long term. By sector, the highest water use is for agriculture for irrigation followed by domestic use and industrial use. Four per cent of Fish, 9% of Dragonflies and Damselflies, and 6% of Molluscs assessed are directly affected by groundwater extraction but it is believed that the indirect impacts fro freshwater ecosystems are much more dramatic.