Bettas also need a place to hide in the tank.

You need a fair amount of stuff, even for a fish as tough as the betta. Buy the equipment before you buy the betta, so you don’t have to keep him in a bowl too long while you set up the tank. For a betta, get a tank of 5 gallons or larger. A betta can live in a smaller tank, but that just means more work for you. You can't keep two male bettas together; if you want to keep two females, you'll need a much larger tank -- about 25 gallons -- with a great deal of vegetation. The same goes if you wish to keep other species of tropical fish with your betta in a community tank. Counterintuitively, smaller accommodation is harder to maintain. You also need a filter with air pump, lighting, a heater, a thermometer, gravel, nitrifying bacteria, plants and appropriate food. A gravel cleaner and bucket are necessary for maintenance, as are nitrite, nitrate and ammonia test kits.

Jun 9, 2016 - The only typical aquarium equipment a betta fish does not need is an aquarium air pump

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The Tank - Your Betta's Home
Bettas are labyrinth fish, meaning they can breathe directly from the surface of water. Therefore they don't need air pumps to provide them with oxygen like most fish do. You often see bettas at pet stores in small bowls without any type of filtration at all, as bettas do not like fast currents (they come from small rice paddies). And most pet store employees advise their customers to keeps bettas in such small spaces because they seem "happier". How would you like it if you lived your entire life in a 2 x 3 ft room?Bettas need a minimum sized aquarium of two gallons. Although bettas can easily be kept in a two-gallon aquarium, the bigger the better - they would also appreciate the extra space. The larger the tank, the less frequent you'll have to execute water changes. Make sure the aquarium has lid or hood, as bettas are excellent jumpers.

And i also have a mystery snail so is air pump that mandatory ?

Bettas can survive without an air pump, unlike other aquarium fish, since they .. 4. An aquarium air pump (needed only if you use a sponge filter)
The only typical aquarium equipment a betta fish does not need is an aquarium air pump. Since betta are labyrinth, they can breathe directly from the air. However, an is needed to power the sponge filter if you decide to use one. Make sure you also get the and for proper installation of the sponge filter.

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need the pump for oxygen because he's a labyrinth fish..