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Discus (Symphysodon spp.) are a genus of three species of cichlid freshwater fish native to the Amazon River basin. Discus are popular as aquarium fish and their aquaculture in several countries in Asia is a major industry. Discus belong to the genus Symphysodon, which currently includes three species: The common discus the Heckel discus , and a new species which has been named Symphysodon tarzoo. However, a further investigation published in August 2007suggested that the genus held

Discus Fish are freshwater perciform fish, peculiar cichlids native to

Often regarded as the king of the freshwater aquarium, discus fish are one of the most beautiful species of freshwater aquarium fish; and one of the hardest to keep.

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Brown Discus Free Wallpaper In Pet Category Freshwater Fish Design 1072x804 Pixel Often regarded as the king of the freshwater aquarium, discus fish are one of the most beautiful species of freshwater aquarium fish; and one of the hardest to keep. The demanding aquarium conditions that these fish require to survive make it an unsuitable fish for beginner and intermediate aquarists. Discus fish are extremely peaceful and shy in temperament and do best when kept in groups of six or more. While they can be kept in an aquarium with other peaceful species of freshwater fish, it is recommended that they be kept in a ‘species tank’ due to their very specific tank and water requirements. Discus fish have laterally compressed and almost perfectly round, disc shaped bodies and sport two long pelvic fins.

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Discus fish are one of the hardest species of freshwater aquarium fish to keep. They prefer very soft, warm, acidic water, and extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that their aquarium parameters remain stable. These fish are extremely sensitive to changes in water quality and temperature and can perish when subject to stress and abrupt changes in water conditions.

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Discus is a beautiful fish aquarium freshwater and colorful which makes it a popular choice for those fish lovers and those who like to keep an aquarium.Discus fish are the coolest freshwater fish to keep. In this video I talk about taking care of discus fish in 5 steps. I know the step thing is sort of stupid but it's good for me to stay on track haha. Let me know what you guys think of the discus care guide.Discus fish prefers a temperature between 28C to 30C, which is hotter than many other popular freshwater fish such as guppies. They are a shoaling fish, which means having a single, lonely Discus is a terrible idea. It may live, but it won’t thrive and it won’t be happy. Since the Discus are relatively big fish, you will need a large aquarium so they can swim and play around. An estimate of 10 gallons per Discus is preferable, and you will most likely need at least 6 Discus per tank in order for them to feel safe. An exception to this is a paired breeding couple, which should be kept on their own as they become really territorial. Air stones are often needed, as the high temperatures mean the natural oxygen content in the water can become too low.Ever since the was first introduced to the aquarists in 1933, they created a sensation. For years afterward, the Discus was regarded as the king of the aquarium fish. Even today, many aquarists regard the Discus as the choicest tropical fish available, the most challenging of all freshwater tropical fish to keep and the badge of honor for those few aquarists who are lucky enough to have a Discus or two in their collection.