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Although fishing vessel designed increasingly began to converge around the world, local conditions still often led the development of different types of fishing boats. The was used down the north west coast of England as a shrimp trawler from 1840 until World War II. The was used around the as a herring drifter. The was also used as a herring drifter along the east coast of Scotland from the 1850s until well into the 20th century.

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Master the terms in this glossary, and you’ll be able to hold your own with any fishmonger or professional chef. If you’d like to suggest additional words, . This is Page 1 of a 13-page glossary featuring different types of fish and seafood. Here, seafood types beginning with A, such as abalone, anchovy, arctic char and Atlantic oyster. Click on the links below to visit other pages. See our 60+ other , each featuring a different favorite food.

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Sep 17, 2015 - There are so many different types of fish that it's difficult to list them all He also educated us on the different types of fish anyone can reasonably expect to find on a restaurant menu. Based on his knowledge, we've organized them into three fish-flavor profiles.

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What’s the first thing you think after catching a fish? Once you’ve reeled it in and gotten a good look at it, you’ll probably wonder what type of fish you’ve caught. Is it a bluegill? A trout? A bass? The possibilities will be limited, of course, to the fish that exist in your area, but there are probably still a number of options. If you bring along your Kid Casters gear, you can use the handy guide provided to identify your catch. And if not, scroll down to learn how to identify different types of fish by noting their signature features.

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