POLL Diatom Filters using Diatomaceous Earth

Diatom filter
Diatom filters are equipped with diatomaceous earth that forms a screen on a filter bag. When water is sucked through the bag, big and small particles alike will get trapped on the outside of the bag. Cleaning up using a diatom filter is a fairly quick process since the flow rate is really high. Diatom filters are normally used during maintenance jobs and major cleanings rather than being constantly connected to the aquarium.

I preload my aquarium filter with diatomaceous earth to “polish” the water.

In these, and other prior art systems, in addition to the difficulty in priming the filter bag causing it to be coated with the diatomaceous earth, there is an even greater problem in cleaning the filter. After the tank has been filtered, the diatomaceous earth filter must be turned off, which almost always causes a flow-back of some of the contaminated water from the filter back to the aquarium tank. Thereafter, disconnecting the filter from the tank, again causes a messy, sloppy, and difficult task.

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Highly refined grade of diatomaceaous earth. When used with the Vortex Diatom Filter, it will clear up and polish aquarium water which has become cloudy. The embodiment described in FIGS. 10a-10f utilizes a type of valve that does not have any seals or pressure rings, and thereby avoids the possibility of leakage. While the floating valve described in the first embodiment if not made accurately, there might be some leakage. By placing the opening in the side wall and using the flap door, it avoids the leakage possibility during removal of the filter assembly and thereby avoids any possibility of having all the diatomaceous earth fall into the aquarium tank during removal.

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With reference to FIGS. 10c and 10d, the internal circulation of the water within the filter assembly is continued until the filter bag is completely coated. This can best be noted when the water within the filter assembly clears from the floating diatomaceous earth particles indicating that they have been completely coated onto the filter bag. At this point, with the motor still on, the fluid conduit is rotated so that it now discharges its water into the aquarium tank itself. As the water leaves the filter assembly, it causes the flap door 106 to be opened as additional water from the aquarium tank now flows into the filter assembly. This continues until there is adequate filtration completed within the aquarium tank.

DE is used in diatom filters for aquariums