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Mechanical filtration is the process in which particulate matter is removed from the water. To accomplish this, the aquarium water is forced through a media (material) that is designed to catch and hold these tiny particles. This media is available in many forms including different types of foam, filter floss, pads, micron paper pleats, and diatomaceous earth. To function properly, it is important that this media is cleaned regularly to remove the particulate matter it has trapped, prior to the material decaying and adding to the waste products in the aquarium.

I preload my aquarium filter with diatomaceous earth to “polish” the water.

These are highly specialized filters used to "polish" the water. They use Diatomaceous earth powder to coat a filter bag and filters water down to microns in size. Due to the high efficiency of these filters, they are to be used only sporadically and for short periods of time. If you have more than one aquarium a Diatom filter is a good thing to have.

Monster Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter

Highly refined grade of diatomaceaous earth. When used with the Vortex Diatom Filter, it will clear up and polish aquarium water which has become cloudy. Coppersafe is safe to use with UV Sterilizers, Protein Skimmers, Wet/Dry and Diatomaceous earth filters. After treatment, Coppersafe can be removed from the aquarium by water changes, freshly activated carbon or other chemical filtration resins/pads.

I am in the process of designing my sump in a 29gallon high aquarium

Filtration is the process that allows us to keep fish alive and healthy outside their natural habitat. It helps clean the water so that the fish can live for extended periods of time without constant aquarium maintenance. Waste products excreted by animals which include ammonia are extremely stressful and life threatening. The primary purpose of filtration is to remove toxic waste products produced by aquarium animals. They work by using a combination of three types of filtration:

Mechanical filtration is the removal of particulates floating in the water column. Generally, this is the first stage of filtration, and is a physical process acting like a sieve as water passes through a medium that selectively traps large particles out of the current. This can help keep the water from being cloudy or silty and make it crystal clear. The medium used can be substrate (such as gravel or rock), sponge, filter cotton floss, a micron sock or diatomaceous earth powder. Mechanical filters will clog over a time period and will need to be cleaned or replaced when this happens.

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