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In these, and other prior art systems, in addition to the difficulty in priming the filter bag causing it to be coated with the diatomaceous earth, there is an even greater problem in cleaning the filter. After the tank has been filtered, the diatomaceous earth filter must be turned off, which almost always causes a flow-back of some of the contaminated water from the filter back to the aquarium tank. Thereafter, disconnecting the filter from the tank, again causes a messy, sloppy, and difficult task.

can be used in any aquarium filter designed for use with diatomaceous earth.

I don't typically recommend the use of diatom filters in home applications, as they're not really necessary. Any cloudiness you may have will either settle on its own, or is the result of something else that needs to be rectified instead of glossing it over with a diatom filter. Also, diatomaceous earth is nasty stuff if you inhale it; its absorbent properties will wreak havoc on your lungs, and the cheaper stuff has higher amounts of crystalline silicon in it, which will tear the lining of your lungs and throat up as well. It's also, as you can imagine, not a good thing to get into your aquarium itself, as it's nearly impossible to get out afterward.

I am in the process of designing my sump in a 29gallon high aquarium

I preload my aquarium filter with diatomaceous earth to “polish” the water. The prior art diatomaceous earth filters are all of the type that stand on the floor or hang outside the aquarium tank and include large motors. They typically use jars, such as mason jars, which in use, must be hermetically sealed, require suction or a siphon to be created in order to operate, and are of the type that is difficult to utilize.

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Diatomaceous earth filters have heretofore been known to be extremely clumsy and difficult to utilize. Typically, the filter bag is first primed externally of the filter and then placed into operation. Then a suction is created to cause the aquarium tank water to flow into the diatomaceous earth filter apparatus. By way of example, one such filter is described in U.S. Pat. No. 4,036,756 which requires the formation of a suction by means of a siphon in the diatomaceous earth filter before it can begin operation. Another arrangement of a diatomaceous earth filter is described in U.S. Pat. No. 4,490,250. This one, likewise, is a complex arrangement using a drive belt to drive the pump separate from the container holding the filter element. Additionally, every one of these filters must be hermetically sealed to prevent leakage.

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A diatom filter is one that uses diatomaceous earth to remove fine particulate matter from the aquarium water. Diatomaceous earth is not earth at all. are specialty filters, designed for extremely fine mechanical filtration, or water polishing. These special filters are not recommended for long-term, every-day use. These filters get their name from the Diatomaceous Earth powder that is used inside. The powder is very fine, and loaded into the filter to create a very small pore size in the filtration system to trap the smallest of particles in the water. Diatom filters are excellent for polishing the aquarium water after cleaning and water changes.