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Our realistically detailed sunken shipwreck creates a peaceful hideaway for your fish while adding beauty and a touch of mystery to your aquarium. This poly-resin, precision crafted, super detailed shipwreck includes several holes for fish to swim through and plants for that complete down under feel. Our decor is made of fish-safe materials and colors and is ideal for fresh or salt water aquariums. If you have a large aquarium, pick up both pieces to complete your set.

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I just purchased a 55 gallon acrylic tank, and am wanting to decorate it with an Egyptian theme. I’ve found some objects already that are made for the aquarium, but some other objects that I need are just figurines made from resin, Poly-resin, but hand painted. Are they safe to use in my fresh water tanks? Is there anything I can do to protect my fish from the paint? Would the Epoxy sealant or the spray enamel work for these objects? What sealant do you suggest in the event the paint comes off?

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Fish Tank Decor - | Aquarium Ornaments, Aquarium Fish Tank and Aquarium I just purchased a beautiful decoration for my aquarium made with resin, but I’m concerned because it has blue writing on it, which I’m assuming has been painted on. I have some clear Acrylic paint here (Kryon) that was used for something else. Is the acrylic spray paint safe to spray on this ornament and put in the tank? Or should I use enamel? I used enamel on a few more decorations that weren’t made for aquariums, but after a few months of washing the ornaments during tank cleaning, the enamel started coming off. I didn’t see any floating in the tank, but it was peeling off when I was cleaning the ornaments. So can I use acrylic instead? I’m assuming acrylic is safe for aquariums, since my tank is an acrylic tank and the fish are fine.

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Thank you for your reply. The decoration isn’t for an aquarium, it is made of resin however as were the other decorations that I painted with enamel. I will purchase some clear enamel spray paint then, and let it cure for several days. Unfortunately I had already sprayed them with the acrylic clear spray paint, right before you answered my question. EEEEK. Is it okay to spray them again with the enamel paint over top of the acrylic paint now?

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