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Live daphnia is a great food source for your tropical fish. We highly recommend it if you are raising small discus. It's very easy to grow if you follow the tips above. Your fish will love eating it.

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I could also imagine putting a population of water fleas/daphne in there. (This might be a problem with your pump or taking water for the plants). You can often buy these as living food for fish. These little fellows can live in a perfectly balanced environment with the snails while also help keeping the water clean. The snails feed off algae and fish food, the daphne eat what the snails "produce" and the daphne remainders once again help the algae and plants grow.

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Daphnia magna is also a popular fish food in aquaculture and aquariums. It was brought to my attention some time ago that one of the easiest to cultivate live foods, Daphnia, is rarely offered in tropical fish shops. This seems odd, because I’ve had a surplus of this invaluable for many years, which I have sold to customers in my aquarium store. In fact, hundreds of customers have confirmed what I have found myself: feeding live Daphnia results in a remarkable improvement in the appearance, health and longevity of fish. I’d like to share with you how easy it is to create a perpetual live food reservoir that requires little effort, knowledge or cost.

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Daphnia are a form of plankton. They fair best in calm or still water, such as that found in small ponds. Just about any place that combines fresh water and the right conditions can be a sanctuary for Daphnia. In nature’s grand design, however, Daphnia are imprisoned in the lower end of the food chain, where they serve as food for larger aquatic creatures, such as small or young fish.

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There are numerous advantages to offering Daphnia in comparison to a diet consisting exclusively of dried foods. Dried foods typically lack essential vitamins. Daphnia provide the necessary vitamins in proportionally balanced quantities. Because they are a live food, Daphnia activate a fish’s instinct to hunt. Overfeeding Daphnia to aquarium fish will not pollute aquarium water because they will live until eaten later on. It costs much less to provide Daphnia to your fish. Unlike with , there are no difficult or costly requirements needed to cultivate Daphnia to adulthood.You will observe that Daphnia are eagerly accepted by most (if not all) species of fish, and that noticeable improvements in their condition soon follow. If you would like to increase the volume of live food, the green water reservoir should be increased in size. A gallon of Daphnia can provide a substantial amount of nutrition for several dozen small fish.