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The most popular crab-fishing months occur between October and January. The allocated time for a season continued to shrink – at one point a red crab season was only four days long. After 2005, each boat was given a quota based on their catch from previous years and how many crabs are available to catch. The fleet went from 251 boats down to 89. Currently the seasons last from two to four weeks.

The Chesapeake Bay blue crab stock is not depleted, and overfishing is not occurring.

Both non-tribal and tribal commercial crab catches are reported on a legal document called a fish-receiving ticket. Licensed buyers are required to fill out fish tickets when commercially caught crab are weighed and sold. Copies of non-tribal and tribal commercial fish tickets are sent to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife within 72 hours of sale and recorded in the department’s catch-reporting database.

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Discussions about jurisdictional allocation and commercial and recreational accountability in the blue crab fishery.
Alki Crab and Fish has lost its appeal of ending its years of operating the concessions at Seacrest Pier. (If you missed previous coverage, that had been chosen, in a story that included links to both operations’ proposal documents; we , and on .) Here’s the announcement just in; it’s from deputy Parks superintendent Eric Friedli:

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Crabs are taken by vessels ranging from small inshore vessels to new "super crabbers" in the Bering Sea. Fishing gear consists primarily of pots similar to those used for king crab. Most pots are baited with chopped herring and then soaked from one to three days. Historically, Tanner crabs were harvested by both domestic and foreign fleets, with the Japanese and Soviet fleets concentrating their efforts in the Bering Sea. By the early 1970s, allocations for foreign vessels were being sharply reduced. The Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976, which established the 200-mile Economic Exclusion Zone, limited foreign fishing in United States waters.

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