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The winter conditions we enjoy also influence the biological and ecological characteristics of your pond. Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and dying vegetation all affect your pond’s water chemistry, which in turn affects the biology of fish and other plants and animals that live in your pond.

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Aeration circulates top surface water with cooler low flowing water. Aeration includes an air compressor on the outside of the pond and an air diffuser located near the bottom of the pond. Either air stones or air membrane diffusers allow the diffussed air to enter into the water column of the pond increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond. Dissolved oxygen levels increase with aeration which means your fish will stay active and healthy despite spikes in sun and temperatures.

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There are a few “cool weather” conditions that affect the health of fish in your pond. Pam, Thank you for the instructions! Your pond looks wonderful. I did learn from the local aquatics/pond folks that tropical lilies would love the pond in the summer, but unless i insulated at least one half forget goldfish…they need cooler water. gail

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To optimize fish health during extreme heat, you’ll want to ensure your fish have the best pond environment possible. It all starts with a well-designed water feature. Depth, plant coverage, shade, and circulation should all be considered when building a pond. A minimum depth of two feet is suggested so the bottom can remain cooler.

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First of all, at Cool Ponds, we are not duck experts. But we are pond experts and can relate our experience to you. Yes, if you do research on the internet you may find articles that tell you mallards will eat your fish. And if your fish are very, very small and happen to be swimming in some string algae, they just might pick them up with their next bite of algae. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (they are experts), a mallard's diet consists of "insects and larvae, aquatic invertebrates, seeds, aquatic vegetation, and grain."Cool Ponds does not routinely install automatic fill valves on our water features. Why? First of all, depending on the fill valve, they have a tendancy to stick open. This is a real problem for ponds with fish. Chlorinated water flowing freely into a pond can kill the entire fish population of a pond in a matter of hours. Second, if there ever is a leak in the water feature, with a fill valve you wouldn't know it. That would be a waste of water and the leaking water could possibly cause some damage to the feature, your home, etc.

Koi fish and koi ponds are a super cool addition to any backyard or garden. But, this fish pond owner decided to take it one step further. His addition is not only great for the fish, it’s really neat for people too. When fish swim up into the upside down fish tank, they get to look around and people get to see the fish better. Just a few supplies and simple science go into constructing this koi fish high rise that is so fun!2. Keep the Water Moving: When the water moves and circulates with an aeration system like an or an above-surface fountain like a , it allows for greater gas exchange at the water’s surface, expelling dangerous ammonia and taking in healthy oxygen. This provides more “breathable” space for your fish to swim deeper in the pond – where it’s cooler.