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We are left with controlling the algae's food supply. Algae feeds on nutrients in the water. In the case of the freshwater aquarium we're primarily talking about phosphates (PO4) and nitrogen in the form of Nitrates (NO3) as the food source.

Algae solutions for controlling unwanted algae growth in freshwater or saltwater aquariums

Green algae are a typical apprehension for the majority of freshwater tank owners and it will be complicated to clear them from aquarium tank. This type of algae grows rapidly in tanks that obtain water as well as plethora of light and dark form of algae expands after setup of container. Algae development in aquatic containers indicates a severe complication in nitrate or phosphate level. In order to get away from algae menace, storage tank should be cleansed and light intensity should be increased. Red brush and blue green algae are two types of alage that can be spotted in a typical community aquarium. The red brush alage stems from marine exhibits having higher levels of pH and blue green algae is a slimy type.
Best technique to manipulate growth of alage is to control illumination and utilizing light timing is an ideal method. Snails and alage eating fish have the ability to assist eliminating algae from aquarium tank. For controlling algae effectively, aquarists should be cautious of overfeeding fish and getting rid of deceased fish from aquarium tank. Algae control can be done effectively with few simple tips and it does not need comprehensive knowledge about aquariums or aquarium inhabitants.

6 Of The Best Ways To Control Algae In A Fish Tank [Guide]

Fish Care-Wellness -; Freshwater Aquarium Water Quality -; Controlling Aquarium Algae .. You may not be able to completely prevent algae from growing in your freshwater aquarium, but there are plenty of things you can do to limit its growth. By controlling lighting and nutrients you can reduce algae growth and adding algae-eating species of fish will take care of any leftovers.

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The secret to controlling algae in your freshwater tank is to limit the things algae needs to grow. You cannot reduce your water level without affecting your fish, but you can take away other key nutrients like light. Algae is most likely to grow in tanks that are placed in direct sunlight and in tanks that have a surplus of artificial lighting. Keep your tank away from windows and only keep your tank lights on for 10 to 12 hours per day. You can also limit the nutrients that algae needs to grow – this includes nitrate and phosphate. Using an aquarium filter and performing water changes to keep the water quality in your tank high will help you to accomplish this goal. Another option is to stock your tank with algae-eating fish or invertebrates. Most species only eat green algae, but you can find species that specialize in eating certain types of algae if you do your research.

Aquarium Algae Maintenace: Control Algae by Controlling Phosphate