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This is a reflection of the varying colors of Betta Fish, usually grows to a length of about 6.5 cm (2.6 in). Although aquarium specimens are known for their brilliant colours and large and typically flowing fins, the natural coloration of B. splendens are generally dull green, brown and grey, and the fins of wild specimens are short, about the size of the B. Splendens plakat tail.

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In wild type Bettas Iridescent color (Blues and Green) is the densest layer that can cover all other colors. The normal distribution of Iridescent color is limited to ray-like projections into the fins and several rows of Iridescent dots along the body of the fish. The color density is usually very heavy in those areas. The normal Iridescent color on wild Bettas is Green.

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Types Of Betta Fish | ... betta fish one color, which also means the body and fins have the same For the children of Malaysia, in southern China, collecting these was a favorite pastime. The children would catch as many as 50 Bettas an hour from the rice paddies, and then conduct fish fights to determine the village champion. Usually, the winner was the biggest fish they caught. Once the wounds healed on the prize-winning fish, he would go into competition again against a new opponent. This pastime diminished significantly when agricultural chemicals and mechanized plowing were introduced for the harvesting of the rice paddies. However, the fields were not the only place where one could find Bettas. They were also living in watery ditches, stagnant ponds and gentle flowing streams.

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Observing the obvious popularity of these fights, the King of Siam started licensing and collecting these fighting fish. In 1840, he gave some of his prized fish to a man who, in turn, gave them to Dr. Theodor Cantor, a medical scientist from Bangor. Describing these fish in an article nine years later, Dr. Cantor gave them the name Macropodus Pugnax. In 1909, Mr. Tate Regan renamed them Betta Splendens, noting that there already was a with the name Dr. Cantor used. It is believed that Mr. Regan got the name from a warrior-like tribe of people named "Bettah".

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Siamese Fighting Fish, also called Betta fish, are a popular household pet. This is due to their exotic nature, prideful attitude, beautiful coloring, amazing flaring tails, and their relative ease of care. Many people own Betta fish, but do not know much about the different varieties of Betta fish colors, nor the different types of tails that Bettas are bred to have. Although the Plakat Betta is beautiful naturally, recently this fish has been bred to display even more ornamental colors. A variety of these are striking, as their bodies are metallic copper and platinum.