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Yeah, that’s a very small tank for 9 fishes. You can start with pair of gold fish.. also, if you want, you can add a black colored fish too making it 3. Ask the aquarium person for pairings..

Which beautifully colored freshwater fish can you put in the same aquarium without them trying to kill each other off?

Clownfish come in many colors including red, orange, yellow and black all with two wavy white vertical stripes down the sides. They are relatively hardy if purchased from an aquarium bred source while the wild caught ones don’t do as well due to the stress of moving them. Make sure you check with your source to see if the fish are wild caught. If so, don't buy them until they have had at least a week to acclimate to the keepers tanks. If they look good at that point you can purchase them and move them in to your own tank.

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How do you feel when you see a beautiful, serene fish aquarium with all the colorful & lively fishes in it? If you are looking for ways to brighten up your freshwater aquarium, finding an eye-catching and colorful freshwater fish is easier than you might think, especially when you have a list like the one below to help you out.

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As I described in a previous article, my first tank had a hunk of blue glass marbled with veins of white. Under the bright lights of my tank, that piece of glass shimmered with sapphire, crystalline fire. Almost as mesmerizing to me as the fish themselves was the way the aquarium’s fluorescent light played off the smooth yet inconsistent surface of that cobaltine ornament. That hunk of glass was the centerpiece of my tank because it was absolutely my favorite color.

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Many people love to keep the aquarium fish with beautiful bright colors. However, not all fish of even the same species will always display their best colors all the time. Experienced fish keepers know a few tips to enhance aquarium fish colors. What can we do to have our fish show their peak coloration?Meeting some colorful fish, not sure what they are all called. but I guess I will find out soon... ;)

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Watching flamboyantly colored fish flit about a saltwater aquarium can be relaxing. Figuring out where they came from, and whether they were caught in a sustainable manner, can be an exercise in frustration.The basslets, including the royal gramma, are small, colorful saltwater aquarium species that stay very small – no more than 4 inches. They are very territorial and males of the same coloration should not be kept together because they will fight, often to the death. The basslets are very hardy fish and extremely disease resistant. A great starter, basslets will eat almost any flake food that is provided. They are a bit more sensitive to ammonia spikes and nitrite changes than other starter fish, and because of their feisty nature often have nicks on their fins from nipping.