How to Prepare Fish Tank Gravel

I am a newbie, have a 3 week-old fish tank (5gal Fluval Edge) with four neon tetras. They only eat food as its falling -- not from the surface, not once it touches the bottom. Plus it took a while for them to start eating. So some food particles have accumulated within blue gravel at bottom, as well as other gunk. I think cleaning the gravel is called for (now? later?)

If you have sand in the bottom of your fish tank, the gravel cleaner will collect most of it.

You are now ready to use your water siphon to do your routine water change, as well as cleaning your gravel. But you first need to know how much water you are going to change. It can vary depending on how often you do it, the size of your tank and how many fish, but a safe amount would be 10-15% if you do it weekly (or 25% fortnightly). You may want to do some research about it, though.

You need to clean or buy some gravel and need to wash it

Changing your fish tank water and cleaning your gravel with aqueon siphon vacuum gravel cleaner is easy. s an aquarist, by now you understand how imperative it is to put in a significant amount of effort to keep your aquarium clean. Not only will this help to make your aquarium more aesthetically pleasing, but also it’ll help to ensure that your water friends thrive, survive and keep you amused for many years to come. In order to keep your tank’s water fresh, you’ll need a sufficient fish tank cleaner. For tanks with gravel, a gravel vacuum will be a necessity. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about these items and their importance.

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Make sure your bucket is placed BELOW your fish tank, and put the small end of the siphon inside the bucket to catch the water. Put the other end inside the fish tank and gently (but fast) shake it up and down until water has been sucked up and is flowing out the other end. While this is happening, push the siphon gently into some areas of the gravel to vacuum some more debris out. You should not clean all of the gravel, only as much as you can in the time given. Once you have reached 10-15% (or however much) of the water, pull the siphon out and the suction will stop. Empty the bucket down a drain.

A simple siphon-type gravel vacuum (NOT a battery-operated gadget).

So you want to clean the gravel in your fish tank, but you don't have a vacuum to remove the buildup that has settled around the little stones. There is a way to clean the gravel so that it can be reused, thereby saving you a little money. However, it will cost you some time. The end result will be clean gravel, a clean tank and happy fish.The gravel can act as a filter by absorbing the debris and other organic waste, so keeping your gravel clean is part of keeping your fish tank clean, which is essential for good water quality and healthy, happy fish.