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One of the biggest factors that stops people from owning a freshwater fish tank or saltwater fish tank is the cleaning and maintenance they require. Fish tank cleaning and aquarium maintenance can be seen as a chore for some. It usually only requires 15 to 30 minutes once a week and 45 minutes to an hour once a month, however some people would rather not have to deal with this and instead, just enjoy their beautiful fish. There is always the option of hiring an aquarium maintenance service, but for small fish tanks it’s not worth the cost or time.

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This guide provides multiple options and styles for self cleaning aquariums. Whether you want an aquaponics based system, self-contained cleaning system, or a gravity cleaning system, you have all the options laid out above. Low maintenance fish tanks and low maintenance aquariums will let you own, look after, and admire the beauty in fish, but will also require less cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance can become a chore and if you don’t keep up with it your little fish friends will suffer. Make sure you are ready for the commitment, but at least with the options in this guide it will be less of a commitment and more of an enjoyment. The cost of entry for most of the self cleaning aquarium systems is higher than regular options, but it’s the price we have to pay to keep us from constantly needing to clean.

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Big aquarium vs. small aquariums. The size of the room that will house the aquarium is an important factor to consider when choosing a large or small aquarium. Other factors include water quality and maintenance. A large aquarium is easier to maintain than a small one because the water temperature and quality are more consistent. Small fish tanks cost less, but are easier to overcrowd and need frequent cleanings. Cost starts as low as $50 for a 30-gallon aquarium and increases exponentially for large or custom-made fish tanks.

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