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Keep your Betta in a tank of at least 10 gallons (about 38 liters),and make sure that a minimum of 5 gallons (19 liters) of your tankspace is dedicated to theBetta. This will for your Betta and will allow the tank to help you keephealthy fish. Perform your , so that your Betta always has clean water and thewaste that is not processed by the is removed. Your Betta will need a to keep the water from becoming toxic, and you will need to keep thefilter in good condition. When selecting a filter for your Betta,make sure that the filter will not produce excessive current in yourtank, and this will make it difficult for the Betta to swim. What thisprimarily means is that you should not select a filter that issignificantly overrated for your fish tank, not that you need to lookfor a special filter with a low flow rate. However, this is anotherreason not to try to keep a Betta in a small tank, since filters forsmall tanks and bowls generate too much current for many fish,particularly calm water fish like Bettas.

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A good home for a betta is a one gallon fish bowl or clean 1 gallon jar. Small aquariums also make good homes and a 2.5 gallon to 5 gallon aquarium is an ideal size. Larger aquariums are fine too. My “work” betta has a 10 gallon all to himself and he swims from one end to the other all day long. Most bettas are not as active as he is and that is why a smaller aquarium will work for most. The advantage to using an appropriately sized bowl or aquarium is also that maintenance is less time consuming since water changes generally need to be done only once a week.

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#Betta #Fish #Tank #Home #Aquarium #Fishbowl #Self #Cleaning #Full #Set #Grows #Food #Plants | eBay Dispose of the old water from the betta bowl by pouring it down the sink. Rinse gravel and aquarium decorations with hot water. Do not use soap or cleansers unapproved for fish tank cleaning. Place the gravel and decorations back in the betta bowl. Allow the contents of the bowl to cool to room temperature.

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Rachel L. Alba I am so glad you found it helpful! Yes they can jump, I always lay something over the container when I move them to clean the tank. I had one of the cute decorative bowls without a top, once I learned we had a jumper my husband quickly got me a better suited tank to keep him in. I love Betta fish because they are really low maintenance, and not expensive at all to keep.

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