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As algae control?? Uh, no, goldfish are extremely messy fish and do nothing to help the cleanliness of a tank. (Not to mention they belong in very large aquariums or ponds).

The worry of how to clean aquarium glass should not keep someone from owning a beautiful fish tank.

Live plants can help keep your aquarium clean, BUT if your goal is minimal maintenance, avoid them. Having a planted tank is great for the health of your fish, because the plants will use up waste products and toxins produced by them, helping to naturally filter and balance out the water. They also use carbon dioxide and provide oxygen for your fish.

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I do not remove my fishes when I am cleaning my aquarium. It causes too much stress to my fishes! Aside from its excellent durability and compactness (but proper betta fish tank size) what makes Eco Qube C so special is its outstanding filter. Instead of using a traditional filter, Eco Qube uses a plant as a filter. Yes, I know, a plant! This new and innovative filtration system has a beneficial effect on your fish, and your wallet. Eco Qube uses 90% less water and 50% less energy than a standard aquarium. The water filtered by Eco Qube is cleaner and does not contain nitrates that cause algae to spread, making you change the water more often.

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Which one is the best self cleaning fish tank? We have looked for products currently available out there in the self cleaning aquarium market, and frankly, there are not a lot of options. Many self-cleaning tanks are still in development stage, existing as nothing more than Kickstarter programs. That said, there are still a few solid choices, and here are our top picks.

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For all of you who have asked about cleaning ... Cleaning your aquarium is a simpleand straight forward task, and should not take very long (Unless you havea particularly , in whichcase care can be quite cumbersome and time consuming). The better careyou provide for your , the healthier yourfish will be, the nicer your tank will look and the easier your tankwill be to care for in the future.As a Fish Geeks Aquarist, I am able to employ the knowledge I garnered at public aquariums and combine it with the experience I amassed working for several prominent local fish retailers/wholesalers, as well as what I learned as hobbyist myself. Using this knowledge, a bit of ambition, and a whole lot of work, I launched my own aquarium cleaning service in 2010.Fish Geeks is an professional aquarium maintenance and service company unlike any other. More than just an aquarium cleaning service , Fish Geeks offers a of professional aquarium services. Fish Geeks is different from other aquarium maintenance companies because of our experience. Having a fish tank can be a very rewarding experience and it can be amazing to look into your aquarium and see all the wonderful inhabitants move around and go about their daily business. As many fish aquarium enthusiast knows, owning a fish tank involves a lot of maintenance work and most of this work is dedicated to keeping the fish tank clean so that it doesn’t become overrun by algae and quickly dirtied by uneaten bits of foods. One of the easiest ways to manage this and keep your fish tank looking algae free and keeping it nice and clean is to get the help of some algae eaters and bottom feeders.