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250 gph, For aquariums up to 30 gallons, The BioCube Circulation Pump simulates natural river and reef currents by continuously circulating water throughout the aquarium.

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The NanoStream 6045 won’t blast your corals off of the live rock. The water flow is easily aimed and the magnetic holder keeps the pump securely mounted to the glass. The circulation pump comes with a magnetic holder (works on up to 1/2" glass thickness), which enables uncomplicated attachment at any position on the aquarium pane.

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The Impeller for WP1500 Circulation Pump is suitable for the Fluval EVO aquarium 13.5 US Gal (52 L) (Item #10531). Provide your aquarium with continuous water movement with the Hydor Koralia Nano Water Circulation Pump. This aquarium circulation pump provides water movement that replicates the natural flow of rivers and reef currents. The compact yet versatile design makes this Hydor circulation pump an ideal accessory for mini and nano-reef setups. Continuous circulation is an essential part of keeping reef life healthy and thriving. Flowing currents help to stimulate growth in corals and other invertebrates. Also, proper water movement also helps to aerate aquarium water, supplying inhabitants with greater amounts of dissolved oxygen. The Hydor Koralia Nano Water Circulation Pump gives you the ability to create realistic currents and circulation patterns in nano-aquarium setups. The Hydor circulation pump’s compact and efficient design features a new patented magnet suction cup support system, allowing for free positioning in your tank. The sphere joint has been modified for adjustable flow direction, letting you easily change the angle and flow path of the aquarium circulation pump. This Hydor circulation pump is very versatile so that it that can be adjusted to suit your unique aquatic setup. The universal design lets you use it in both marine and tropical environments. An easy-to-use interface lets you connect this aquarium circulation pump to a timer, controlling its activation with intervals of seconds, minutes or hours. Use the Hydor Koralia Nano Water Circulation Pump to recreate the movement of rivers and ocean reefs. This high performance pump consumes little energy and is quick and easy to maintain.

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If I decide to use a circulation pump it will be used only at the top of the water. I have a glass-bottom aquarium without gravel or substrate to make cleaning efficient and fast and it will only be a very small pump ie. 240gph, not the 850gph unit I was previously considering. Thanks for your feedback.

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