Cichlid fishes are remarkably phenotypically diverse and species-rich

Most Dwarf Cichlids will be content in an aquarium as small as 20 gallons. They are generally peaceful fish, but as with all cichlids, they do establish a territory and will defend it from intruders when egg laying is imminent. Many are also shy and rather delicate. They will do best when kept by an aquarist with a bit of fish keeping experience rather than an absolute beginner.The size of the aquarium you will want can vary depending on the number of fish you want to keep. Though content in an aquarium as small as 20 gallons, a larger aquarium is always preferable for the aquarist’s ultimate enjoyment and to keep a larger community. A good rule of thumb is approximately ½ “ (12 mm) of fish per gallon (4 L).When setting up a tank for Dwarf Cichlids, keep in mind that you will want to provide them with water that is fairly soft. With Dwarf Cichlids, egg laying is generally imminent as well, so it’s important to provide them with a number of caves. For the open-spawners, a number of small smooth rocks will be appreciated. Having a well-planted tank not only makes a very attractive aquarium but will also be appreciated by most fish.Dwarf Cichlids can be fed frozen brine shrimp, crustaceans, insects, insect larvae, and some may eat flakes and pelleted foods. Feed 2 to 5 small pinches of food a day in smaller amounts rather than a large quantity once a day.See each individual species for in-depth information along with specific care and feeding requirements.

The rocky reefs of Lake Victoria host many cichlids, but few fish-eating species survive.

The Tropheus species are aggressive cichlids. These fish do not always “play well with others” and are best kept in a species specific tank. They are best kept in groups (community) of at least 12 or more, with one or two males in the group. Many females are needed to spread the aggression of the male. Do not add a new fish to an already established colony as this will cause an upset and death.They may also be kept in a larger aquarium with other herbivorous rock dwelling African cichlids, some Cyprichromis leptosoma which are known to have a calming affect on aggressive cichlids, and Synodontis species. The larger the tank and the more hiding places you have (except when breeding), will help with aggression. If breeding them do not house with plecostomus as these fish will eat the fry at night.Do not keep with slow moving fish or carnivores. Tropheus cichlids are voracious eaters and will eat anything that enters the tank. They will rarely let food get to the bottom. Providing more food and in an attempt to feed the non-tropheus tank mates can cause them to overeat and can lead to bloat.

logically similar, predominantly herbivorous, cichlid fish species

The firemouth cichlid () is a species of  fish native to . They occur in rivers of the , , south through  and into northern . In the aquarium Xenotilapia flavipinnis needs a little more attention than many other cichlid species. This species doesn’t do well when water conditions aren’t right. Frequent water changes are recommended to remove buildup of nitrates and other toxins. This species is very peaceful and does not do well with boisterous or aggressive fish. Best kept in large groups to recreate natural conditions and for pairs to form. After spawning, the female will hold the eggs for about 10 days and then transfer them to the male. Both parents will watch over the fry until they are old enough to go off on their own. To discuss this species visit the .

Cichlid fish visual systems: mechanisms of spectral tuning. - NCBI

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There a fish contest for 1st time at Aquatic Experience so I thought I'd check out some of the winners for Species Sunday. Guess who strolls by? My man Gary Lange in the house! Had to nab him for a walk through on the fish display. Neither of us are up on all the cichlid species, but we muddle through.

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Sympatric speciation in Nicaraguan crater lake cichlid fish. - NCBI