Arrange hot fish portions on platter; top with cherry sauce.

Cherry Barbs are very hardy little fish. They are great eaters and get along with most tankmates. Their water requirements are fairly easy to meet with regular partial changes. Provided with proper care, these little beauties make a great choice for the beginning fish keeper.

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Loved the sauce: just used a can of cherry pie filling plus recipe's original directions. Something we'll make again for a change, but didn't like the somewhat fishy flavor.

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Some info. on Cherry Barbs. Please rate comment and subscribe for more fish videos. The fish is most often kept in community tanks by aquarium hobbyists. The cherry barb is a fish and is best kept in groups of five or more individuals, though the schools are often less discrete than those of other barbs. Within these schools there will most likely be hierarchy. There should be a ratio of at least two females to one male. The male will constantly harass the females to breed, and if there are multiple females, each can escape the attentions of the male for a time. The average life span is four years, with a maximum around seven years. The tank should have abundant plant material (about two-thirds to three-quarters of the tank), but the fish also needs open space to swim. It tends to hide and will often withdraw under the cover of plants. The younger male is generally peaceful, but a mature male can be aggressive when breeding. Appropriate tankmates include and similar calm fish.

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When raising Cherry Barb fry, they are very likely hide until they are large enough to defend themselves against other fish which is why you might not even be aware that they are in there. The babies are slightly smaller than 2 millimeters in length when they hatch. They can be fed Hikari: First Bites which is a food that comes in powder form which is perfect for feeding the fry once they have absorbed their yolk sacs. Infusoria, or algae microorganisms, are also a great source of nutrition for week old fry until they are large enough to eat larger foods. Feed them these foods 2-3 times daily until the fry are large enough to consume newly hatched brine shrimp and microworms.

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The Cherry barb is a very popular aquarium fish. It can be kept even by inexperienced aquarists since it is quite hardy. Its nice colour and interesting behaviour have also attributed its popularity within the hobby. If you keep shy loaches, you can add a shoal of at least 5 Cherry barbs and thereby make the loaches much less jittery in the aquarium. In the aquarium, Cherry barbs will usually accept most types of food. They can be kept on flakes or other forms of prepared food suitable for tropical fish, but it is also a good idea to supplement their diet with occasional treats in the form of vegetables, brine shrimp, daphnia, plankton, blood worm or similar.