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Cheap fish tanks can be easy to find if you know where to look. I haven't paid retail for any of the aquariums in my greenhouse - I'll tell you how.


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Part of the trick to not breaking your bank in the aquarium hobby is knowing where to find cheap tanks. There is almost always someone who is trying to get out of the hobby, which is where you will find the best deals. I got my tanks from being good buddies with a guy who worked at the local pet shop (shocker i know). Get on Craigslist and be creative, find a deal and take it! Tank on!

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Oct 22, 2016 - Cheap and easy solutions to setting up a new fish tank.

Tell us your story below in the comments about how you purchased a cheap fish tank. We also know that not all listings will include the equipment you want or need so after you purchase a used tank you can come check out our for new equipment from top-quality brands. Let us know your thoughts and stories in the comment below. See you next time :).

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My cheap and easy fish tank setup - YouTube While you will get the tank itself for cheap, you may still be spending quite a lot of money on suitable equipment. For those looking for a cheap fish tank that has most or all of your equipment need. There is a better option.

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Buying used is the best way to acquire cheap fish tanks. There are three sources I'm going to list here and explain why they are great way to get a tank

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The cost of purchasing an existing pre-made Aquaponics fish tank can be expensive, usually going over a thousand dollars when buying the most basic model. So it is better to build your own cheap Aquaponics tank.Craigslist is a great way to find cheap aquariums; especially the large sizes (50-100 gallons). The best part of all: often owners will include additional items that go with the aquarium, such as the stand, gravel, filters, heaters, décor, fish medicine, and food. Sometimes they even include the fish (if wanted). So if looking for large aquariums, craigslist is definitely a strong choice. Just be sure to inspect the tank for any damage before paying the owner.