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The plan caught on with owners of piranhas and other tropical fish that prefer a live fish diet. Retail common goldfish are cheap, 19 or 20 cents each for ordinary orange ones, about five times the hatchery price. The fish keep fresh easily. Goldfish, it is said, are nutritious. And they do not dirty aquarium water like powdered food.

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I was running low on food for my fish, and knew it would be a few days before I could get anywhere to get more. As a last resort, I visited a nearby dollar store and picked up a 2oz box of Hartz Goldfish Food. This food was cheap. At the dollar store, they were running a special of 2 boxes for $1.00 so I bought one to hold me over for a couple of days. I felt bad about offering my pets such a cheap substitute for their regular food, but due to the circumstances, I figured that at least they would have some basic nutrition until I could get more.

The Hartz Goldfish Food does offer the basic nutrients your fish needs for basic survival, but not a lot more. As I said before, this is a cheap alternative, and I would only recommend it as a last resort. Following is a list of the ingredients:

Guaranteed analysis:

The feeding directions on the box tell you to feed your fish once daily as much as the will consume in 5 minutes. I find this interesting because another product manufactured by the same company recommends feeding them several times daily. It is very important however, not to overfeed them.

Hartz Goldfish Food is made in the USA, at Hartz Mountain Corp., Secaucus, N.J. 07094 and at St Thomas, Ontario N5P 3W7

The box of Hartz Goldfish Food I bought contained 2 oz (56 g) of food and I paid only 50 cents. The box has a hole in the top about the size of a pencil, making it easy to shake out the amount of food that you need.

My fish are used to the larger flakes, and at first did not know what to do with these tiny specks which drifted down into their tanks. They looked at me as if to say, "hey, where is my food?"

After a moment, a couple of them ventured over and tried a piece or two, and then the rest of them joined in for dinner. They were not nearly as excited about dinner as usual, although they did finish what was given to them.

The water remained clear through their feeding, which was expected since my fish generally clean up their dinner rather quickly. They did not seem satisfied for as long after feeding as usual though, so they needed to be fed a bit more often than normal. It was so sad watching them beg for food like that!

They were only given this food for a few days until I could get something better for them, so I really couldn't notice much change in color. They did seem to become a bit less active than normal though.

It's probably the cheapest goldfish food you will find, and is acceptable in a pinch. I wouldn't want to switch their diet to this permanently though.

I had to buy it again, because my Kroger quit carrying the other food

Great but Cheap Floating Goldfish Food, Cheap Home & Garden,Feeders, as well as Cheap and more Our office received two of what I believe are common or comet goldfish about two months ago in a bowl (about 8/10 litre) as a gift from a client. I had fish for a while when I was a young child and although I didn’t know much I knew they should at least be in a tank and have a filter. I asked if we could buy one and it turned out that one of the girls in the office had a starter kit with a 40 litre tank she had got for her kid but they had never got round to using it. So I bought some gravel, an ornament and a cheap filter and put them into their new home. I had never heard of cycling and the filter I had bought was only for 25 litres! As I now had this 40 litre tank I go excited at all the extra space and bought some more fish. I did a quick google search which turned up that I could base the number of fish on the number of cm per fish against the surface area of the water (I did not consider that the fish would grow). Over the next month I purchased 2 Black Moors, a hill-stream loach, a weather loach and 6 little tetra type fish (mostly gray with some orange). I purchased these from a small pet shop who did not ask what size my tank was, did not mention that I could not have normal and fancy goldfish together and said that as long as I had a lot of the little tetra fish the goldfish would realise they were not food and leave them alone.

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Preventing constipation in fish is easy and inexpensive. Herbivorous fish should simply be fed a lot of green foods instead of pellets or flakes. Algae contains some cellulose, but there is generally not enough to satisfy fish in the average aquarium. Goldfish, severums, silver dollars and mbuna are examples of fish that will happily graze on soft aquatic plants in lieu of other foods. Bunches of cheap , such as Elodea Canadensis and , are widely sold and inexpensive, and will do the trick nicely.

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