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This photo of the red marble discus fish was taken in my Waialeale discus fish hatchery. It is one of the actual red marble discus fish for sale. I do not sell the common discus fish color forms such as the red turquoise discus fish or pigeon blood discus fish. I am a discus fish importer and discus fish breeder dedicated to staying on top of the latest new discus strains. I am extremely particular regarding the quality of my discus fish. Discus fish hobbyists have plenty of choices when it comes to cheap discus. We cater to the diskus fish hobbyists who have been around the block and appreciate the finer things in life, discus fisch included. Our discus customers are discus fish hobbyists who are very particular about quality and want the newest latest discus fish strains being produced by world class leading discus breeders. And they want their discus fish to be healthy and vigorous. If you fit into this category of discus aficionado, feel free to contact me. These type discus fish are not common and are considered designer discus strains. In order to maintain high standards of quality, the smallest size discus fish we sell is three inches. At this size the discus fish show nice color development, grade and the quality is easily determined. At this size and larger, the discus fish also ship really well. Most of my discus fish for sale are young 3" and 4" size. However, we also offer a nice selection of large mature adult discus fish for sale. I am a full time discus fish importer and have several years experience as a discus fish breeder. I feed the discus fish in my hatchery several times a day. My discus fish aquariums get large water changes very frequently. I am extremely particular about my discus fish and those who have visited our discus hatchery will tell you the discus aquariums are neat, very clean and the discus fish are very colorful, healthy and active. Waialeale Discus Hatchery extends a warm welcome to visitors. Please contact me in advance to arrange a visit and tour the discus facilities.

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This site provides excellent info on caring for discus fish.

Discus fish is a popular fish to look after because of its gentle nature, excellent rearing capability, as well as hardiness in captivity.

Some of the most common varieties of discus fish may include: red discus, green discus, blue discus, blue diamond discus and white leopard discus.

This article is created for anyone who has never cared for discus fish, and yet would love to discover just what it requires to keep this unique species healthy in captivity.

The first thing you must keep in mind is that discus fish like quiet settings most of the time. It is possible to supply them with constant peace by just placing their fish tank within a quiet corner in your home e.g., the bedroom. Discus fish also require pebbles as well as plants for them to hide themselves whenever they feel insecure. One more thing: don't put hyper active fish species in a tank filled with discus!

Like most other ornamental fish species, discus will function significantly better when you have a recurring night and day cycle for them. The cycle may correspond along with your waking and sleeping times. A night cycle can be initiated by simply switching off the aquarium's lights.

Carry out partial water changes each week to help keep the water fresh and clean. Dispose of one third of the water. Plain tap water need to stand for no less than twenty-four hrs prior to being added to tank water if you don't make use of chlorine removal solutions.

When you find yourself vacuum-cleaning the gravel on top of the gravel filtration system, don't thoroughly clean the top excessively. Remember the stones hosts good microorganisms. Vacuum-cleaning the stones also removes the bacteria from the biological home.

Have a back-up power source ready. An aquarium can become poisonous to fish after a couple of hours of not being filtered.

Discus fish are from rivers within the Amazon Basin that are typically hard, as well as a little alkaline in ph. Peat soil is recommended through the water recycling process for discus.

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You can find useful info on how to keep discus fish on this web site.

Discus fish is an excellent fish to look after due to its mild character, superb breeding ability, and ability to survive in an aquarium.

Among the common species of discus fish may include: red, green and blue discus, white and blue diamond discus.

This article is intended for those who have never taken care of discus fish, but yet would wish to learn just what it requires to rear this particular types of fish in top condition in an aquarium.

The vital thing you have to remember is that discus fish prefer tranquil environments most of the time. You may allow them to have long lasting serenity by just placing their aquarium in a quiet spot in your house e.g., your bedroom. Discus fish also need rocks and plants for them to hide should they feel not secure. One other thing: don't put hyper active fish species in a aquarium filled with discus!

Like most other pet fish species, discus fish will definitely thrive significantly better when you have a normal day and night cycle for these fish. The pattern may possibly coincide with your rising and resting times. A night pattern may be initiated by simply turning off the aquarium's lights.

Try to make partial water replacements once a week to maintain the tank water clean and fresh. Dispose of 1 / 3 of the aquarium water. Plain tap water should stand for no less than 24 hrs prior to being included in aquarium water should you not use dechlorinating treatment options.

If you are vacuum cleaning the gravel over the gravel filtering system, don't thoroughly clean the surface excessively. Don't forget the pebbles hosts good bacteria. Vacuum-cleaning the pebbles at the same time removes the microorganisms from their all-natural home.

Use a backup source of power available. A tank may be poisonous to fish after an hour or so of not getting filtered.

Discus are from rivers inside the Amazon Basin which happens to be naturally hard, and a little alkaline in ph. Peat is recommended in the water recycling procedure for discus fish.

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